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The Top 10 Best Noise Cancellation Headphones [2019!]

You probably would have heard the term “noise cancellation”, and assume it cancels outside noise when listening to audio content with your headphone – which is right!

At the very narrow occasion, all headphones cancel noise because they block outside sounds by covering your ear. Even if you get the tightest headphones in the world, it won’t be able to cover terrible sounds such as Car horns, or an aeroplane engine – you know how disturbing that sounds!

To prevent higher-noise from reaching your ear, some audio equipment companies, e.g. Bose, solve the problem by using a technique called Active Noise Control.

In this noise cancelling headphone guide, I’ll work you through the understanding of Noise Cancelling headphones, why they are useful, their drawbacks, and would sum up by recommending best noise-cancelling headphones.

Let’s dig in…


Izotope Neutron 3 Review: Worth The Hype?

Izotope Neutron 3 is one of the first plug-in (if not the first one) that listens or analyzes your audio track and suggest an overall level mix to kick off the balance right off the bat.

I don’t want to “lure” you into buying a tool you likely won’t use, which brings us to the question:

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The Best Audio Interface for Fl Studio [Tips & Buyer’s Guide]

I recently published a review and buyer’s guide on the top ten best audio interfaces you should get if you are serious about music production.

I broke down the factors you need to consider if you need to get a superb interface, and I rounded up the post by recommending ten best audio interface.

Since Fl studio is one of the most downloaded and used DAW application in the world, it make sense to consider recommending an interface that works best for Fl, though any audio interface should be able to work with Fl, as long as you have a way of connecting the audio interface to some computer with some cables.

Regardless of the situation, Let me guide you on how to choose an interface for Fl studio, tips and my recommendations.

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Top 10 Best Music Production and Recording Laptops [2019!]

I am very sure you’ve been procrastinating, and contemplating on the best budgets friendly Laptop to buy for music production and recording.

If you are on this page for a high-end laptop, I cover your part as well, and before you spend unnecessary cash on a high-end laptop, let me guide you through the needful and understanding of what you need to know before selecting the best music production system that suits you.

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Best Recording Software For Windows & Mac Os – [2019!]

The greatest challenge of music seekers is, should I record on my phone, should I go to the studio to record, which software is best for recording, where to download free recording software for windows, and so on. If you are the victim of this searches, search no more, I have aggregated the best recording software for windows platform.

I went to the length of collating online survey on the best recording software for windows platform, and I discovered the freemium recording software lacks advanced functionality …

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How To Make A Wider Lead Sound

Hi folks, In this tutorial, I am going to be showing you a simple trick to make your sound pump up in both stereo and mono system, and that is widening up the sound. Without any further ado, let us get cracking.

First, Load an instance of your Daw (I’ll be using Fl Studio 12 for this tutorial), then load your synthesizer and create any random melody. It does not have to be a melody. It can be drumkits, vocal and any sound you might think …

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Creating Legato & Portamento Slide In Synthesizers

Have you ever heard or seen (Legato/slide) or (Portamento/glide/glissando) labelled on your synthesizer’s knob, I bet you have seen those names, and you think they are for some crazy random purpose.

When I first started making music, I was crazy to know what those terms mean, and I was even wondering why someone will ever invent that kind of name, to cut a long story short, you will see what those terms mean, why use the techniques and how to use them in your DAW or …

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Creating A Drum Loop Like A Pro

I will never forget the first time I tried creating a drum loop in a Daw, simply put, it was hell, and the reason it was hell is that it was my first time, Yes, you don’t expect to sound good at first shot. At least, I am pretty sure Bill gate was born with expectations about the objects around himself, he wasn’t born with programming skills, but as he grows he was able to refine his knowledge and became who we know today as …

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How To Create Sweeps In Fl Studio 12

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create sweepers with 3xosc and automation in Fl Studio.

The 3xosc

If you have been using Fl Studio for so long, you would notice the 3xosc, it has been around for a long time in Fl Studio.

The 3xosc is a simple synthesizer that can be used to create leads, basslines, plucks and pads.

3xosc vst

One of the great ways I have used this plugin is to quickly create a white noise sweepers.

Using 3xosc & Filter For Creating …

Music Production, Sound Design

Fl Studio 12: The Easiest Way To Create A Lead Sound In Fl Studio

In this tutorial, I will be showing you one of the easiest ways you can create a lead sound in Fl Studio.

If you have already read my article on the insight about sound designing, then you should know how it works.

How A Lead Will Look In Waveform

A lead sound mostly have a saw in its waveform, to build a lead sound then you should try using a saw oscillator, thou, we have a different kind of saw shapes, i.e., Tri saw, double saw and more.

I …

Music Production

Fl Studio: Using The Mixer Menu In Fl Studio 12

I will be guiding you on how to use the mixer menu in Fl Studio, you shouldn’t be surprise of what the mixer will contain, from the word mix.

The mixer contains Volume, panning, controls, stereo separation, mono switch, loading mixing effects and more.

Using The Mixer Menu

Lets quickly get to the mixer menu and view what it can do.
First of all, open Fl Studio and you can launch the mixer, either by pressing F9 on your keyboard or by using the mixer icon as shown below.

I …

Sound Design

How Subtractive Synthesizer Works

In this article, I am going to show you what you need to know about sound designing in a Synthesizer, the audio signal workflow you should follow to create a different texture of sounds and more.

Myth About Synthesizers

Do you wonder what different set of knobs, buttons, parameters and what seems like a mystery in that particular synth does?

I would say they are all set for an audio signal path you follow to create a sound.

For instance, to prepare a cooked rice, you need to follow …


Understanding Audio Compression and Using a Compressor (Easy Way)

Welcome to the world where digital things are now incorporated, at this stage, I don’t think you need any additional hardware tools to solve your entire problem when it comes to music production.

The problem new producer encounter is lack of understanding and I wouldn’t even say lack of understanding but would preferably say they follow the wrong path when learning music production, this is normal, I have been in such situation before.


How To Make A Wider Stereo Sound

Your stereo sounds keep getting thinner and have no usefulness in your mix. I understand what you’re going through, I was in that world before, and I will show you how I got out of that misery.

I will be showing you a simple trick (not a trick anyway) to make your sounds come to life, sit better in the mix, and also mono compatible. This is what the Pro’s call “Widening”, how do we achieve a wider sound, or better still, a wider stereo sound?

A …

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Fuzee – “Ori” ft. 9ice [Music]

Fuzee the “Riginal Bwoy” has currently been the talk of the town, slamming clubs with hit tunes, and creating catchy anthems.

The Riginal bwoy is being praised by his Riginal famz for profound, and inspirational songs, among them, was the track he did with Demmie Vee of HND records ( Rora ).

Newly signed to Royale Records, Ori is a track by Fuzee featuring the ancestor himself – 9ice.

Ori speaks about a man’s struggle in life, fighting through obstacles, having faith and believe in one’s work. Ori …

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Cake – License [Music & Video]

Cake is back with a hot new released single titled – License, superstar Cake returns after dropping his track This Year – which speaks about the freshness of the year.

He took things further in License – it speaks about the bitterness in a relationship, most especially about women throwing negative shades to their partners in order to do the right thing.

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Cake – Strong Thing [Music]

Legendary Cake drops new banger titled “Promise“. This Simple Jam Will absolutely blow Your Mind. It kind of blend with different things and deep meaning.

What I like about the track is the simplicity, Like I always say – Be simple, and unique. Strong things is a super dope track, listen, comment, and download below.


Izotope Nectar 3 Review: Worth The Money?

This review guide is all about the essential features of Nectar 3, the usefulness, and if it’s worth your money.
Nectar 3 from Izotope contains a bunch of highly sophisticated set of tools which is designed for vocal processing and production.

It takes a vocal in the context of a mix and gives you a set of tools for correcting to creative vocal processing, and production to a final polish result.


Nexus Vst Specification, Review, and Price

Nexus Vst Specification, Review, and Price

Refx Nexus vst is one of the greatest and widely used Vst in the audio production scene, Nexus 2 is a Rom synthesizer plugin, which includes massive and hundreds of samples. The Nexus 2 factory bank is designed for mostly Edm genres, which will give you the clear insight of the sound.

Features Of Nexus 2 Vst

Refx Nexus 2 is designed to be more of a friendly user interface, providing sort by category, search by category name and more with organising folders.

Nexus …