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Fuzee – “Ori” ft. 9ice [Music]

Fuzee the “Riginal Bwoy” has currently been the talk of the town, slamming clubs with hit tunes, and creating catchy anthems.

The Riginal bwoy is being praised by his Riginal famz for profound, and inspirational songs, among them, was the track he did with Demmie Vee of HND records ( Rora ).

Newly signed to Royale Records, Ori is a track by Fuzee featuring the ancestor himself – 9ice.

Ori speaks about a man’s struggle in life, fighting through obstacles, having faith and believe in one’s work. Ori …

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The Top 10 Best Audio Interface 2019! [Review & Buyer’s Guide!]

Do you think your music/recordings are going to be of high quality, or perhaps sound good if you buy an audio interface?

You don’t do recording, all you do is in-the-box mixing & mastering, do you need an external interface?

If you want an answer to this, and how you should properly go about selecting the right audio interface for your need, then you are on the right page.


Izotope Nectar 3 Review: Worth The Money?

This review guide is all about the essential features of Nectar 3, the usefulness, and if it’s worth your money.
Nectar 3 from Izotope contains a bunch of highly sophisticated set of tools which is designed for vocal processing and production.

It takes a vocal in the context of a mix and gives you a set of tools for correcting to creative vocal processing, and production to a final polish result.

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Top 10 Best Music Recording Software 2019! [Reviews And Buyer’s Guide]

I am glad you found this website, I will take you through proper steps in selecting the right Daw or perhaps the best professional music recording software.

Whether you plan on setting up a bedroom studio or a professional one, and you want to choose the right music recording software, you will learn the nitty-gritty of selecting the right music DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

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Cake – License [Music & Video]

Cake is back with a hot new released single titled – License, superstar Cake returns after dropping his track This Year – which speaks about the freshness of the year.

He took things further in License – it speaks about the bitterness in a relationship, most especially about women throwing negative shades to their partners in order to do the right thing.

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Fl Studio: Tempo And Their Effect In Music Production

In this tutorial, I am going to explain the meaning of a Tempo and Bpm, and I’ll also describe the effect of both terms.

First of all, let’s get to understand the term Tempo and Bpm or bpm(beats per minute) in music.

What Is A Tempo?

In a simple term, Tempo is the speed at which something happens, in music, Tempo is the speed of a song or the rate at which music is played or sung.

Setting a particular tempo will determine how fast and slow the music …

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FL STUDIO: Importing And Exporting Midi Files In Fl Studio 12

In this guide, I am going to show you how to import and export midi files in Fl Studio 12

Sometimes you will feel like using the MIDI data of one particular pattern for another project or the MIDI data you downloaded or perhaps, the ones your friend sent you.

The easiest way of doing this is to import the MIDI file into your production session if downloaded or shared to you by a friend or perhaps, to re-import the melody if you plan on using it …

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Fl Studio 12 Riff Machine Tool For Melody

In the previous article, we learned about using the advanced tool in Fl Studio piano roll, preview the guide here if you haven’t read it.

In this tutorial, we will explore the riff machine tool in Fl Studio to create an exciting melody.

What Is Riff Machine?

The riff machine is designed to more of an inspiration starter than an actual melody designer. I love this tool because it makes me start out with a new random melody.

There are great tools in the riff machine that are designed …

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Fl Studio: Using the Playlist Window To Arrange A Track

In the previous article, we overviewed the playlist window in Fl Studio 12.

In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to arrange an individual pattern for the composition of a new track.

Open Fl Studio and go to the playlist window, I will be using the pattern I created in this tutorial.

Firstly, Open your playlist window and line up the track with the snap tool. Make sure it is snapped correctly, go to to the snap to grid tool to select how you want your …

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Fl Studio: Overview Of The Playlist Window In Fl Studio 12

In the previous tutorial, we learned about creating multiple patterns in the channel window using the step sequencer.

In this article, we will overview the playlist window in Fl Studio 12.

The playlist window is the place where all the individual patterns come together.

The playlist window

You can open it using the playlist button in the toolbar or by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

press F5 to navigate to the playlist window

This is the place where you loop the patterns you have created together, as well as vocals and …

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How To Create A Melody In FL STUDIO 12 (Part 2)

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use the advance tool or features in the piano roll, check the previous article to learn how to use the piano roll tool.

The advanced features let you create the full-fledged melody or chord you are thinking of right now e.g arpeggiating, strumming, reversing, sliding notes and more.

Some Of The Advanced Features

Open up your piano roll or just press F7 on your keyboard, let’s take at some of the features.

One of the great tools is …

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How To Create A Melody In FL STUDIO 12 (Part 1)

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a basic melody without the use of a MIDI keyboard in Fl Studio 12.

Fl studio piano roll is a great tool for creating melodies, if you do not have or you don’t want to use a MIDI keyboard, then the piano roll is the next choice for you, which I use and prefer.

Note that in our previous tutorial, we used the channel rack for programming our drum beats, we can only add a …

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Vst Plugins: 3 Steps to add Vst Instruments/effects Into Fl Studio 12

You got or downloaded Vst’s from a third-party company, and don’t know the steps to import them in Fl Studio? This is the right path for you, keep reading.

In this guide, I am going to show you how to add a Vst plugin that is not part of the content or stock Vst’s that comes loaded with Fl Studio 12.

Fl Studio uses a format for these sounds called Vst or Virtual Studio Instrument. That means if you are purchasing or downloading a Vst plugin, you …


Three Ways To Create A Modulating Delay

We keep learning new things every day, new technology keeps arising, and we have to learn new effect, numerous ideas or follow the trend to meet up to our need.

Can’t we learn everything at once, I bet you can’t. You don’t have to be a master of everything, learning is feasible, and you do not need to be a master of everything. You only need to focus on the activity you enjoy the most.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you an effective way of …


Creating Sub Bass In Your Synthesizers

Hi, I am gonna teach you simple sound design techniques on how to create the guy giving life to the Mix in EDM(Electronic Dance Music), which is Mr Sub Bass. Let’s get to know what Mr Sub Bass does, and we would roll on designing it in our Daw’s afterwards

What Is Sub Bass

In a non-technical aspect, Sub Bass is the kind of bass sound that is not too obvious, so low that when played you often feel them more than you hear them.

In a technical …

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Kiss Daniel x FuzeeJasmine – Fvck You (Cover)

Legendary superstar Fuzeejasmine came up with a nice and hot cover of Kiss Daniel’s “Fvck You”, “Fvck you cover” portray the bad act of the modern ladies, Fuzee spanks them with his sweet words, and I hope they get it straight to their skull.

Disclaimer: Explicit Lyrics

Listen carefully to the Fvck you cover and let’s hear your opinion in the comment section below if you love the cover support Fuzeejasmine by spreading or perhaps sharing it on social media.

Download Mp3


[Music] B Tresh – Shammah

B Tresh – Shammah[Odogwu]

B Tresh is back again with this powerful Gospel Jam titled “Shammah[Odogwu]”, produced by legendary Peejayklasik. Download track below


Download Mp3

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[Music] B Tresh – Almighty Father

B Tresh – Almighty Father

“Almighty Father” is a song recorded by Nigerian Gospel singer-songwriter B Tresh. Almight Father is a deep prophetic inspiration worship song, declaring the mighty hands of God in every life.
Song produced by Peejayklasik


Download Mp3

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Massive Vst Specification, Review, Features And Price

Massive is a software synthesizer plugin Vst own by NI(Native Instrument), It is base on a wavetable Synthesis that utilizes oscillators for the creation of sound and it is mostly used in electronic music, it is intended for the production of bass and lead sounds.

Ni Massive Feature Details

Massive is no doubt a hybrid digital synthesizer which uses three wave oscillators to reproduce its sound.

The oscillators have separate controls for wave shaping(saw, square, etc.), pitch and wavetable position.

Massive includes 85 powerful wavetables, each one with a …


Serum Vst Specification, Review, Features And Price

No doubt that Serum is base on an advanced wavetable synthesizer. It differs from a subtractive synthesizer that filter or cut out sound to create new wave shapes, or Am and Fm processes where modulating oscillators are crucial.

The serum is built to be more advanced and very powerful, in the sense that it can collect waveforms that already exist in wavetables.

It can also store different digital samples of sound from various instruments, which can then be manipulated to reproduce music defined by a digital input …