LVC-Audio – Toned (Free Mastering Plugin)

LVC-Audio - Toned (Free Mastering Plugin)

Toned is a specialized tone shaping plugin with analog modeling. It is designed primarily for use in the mastering process or on two-track audio busses. Toned uses two distinct equalization processes: a three-band tone-shaping matrix, and a specially designed high pass (HP) filter. The three-band tone-shaping matrix uses a crossover-style filter bank of first-order filters […]View Full Post

Sonic Anomaly – Unlimited (Free Loudness Maximizer)

Sonic Anomaly - Unlimited (Free Loudness Maximizer)

Unlimited is a loudness maximizer and limiter for stereo and 5.1 surround material. It also offers an ITU-R BS.1770 compliant loudness meter in addition to RMS output meters. Unlimited aims to have balanced characteristics: avoiding audible distortion typical to hard limiting and clipping to the extent it is feasible, yet still not sounding compressed or […]View Full Post

mvMeter2 (Free Multivariable Mastering Meter)

mvMeter (Free Multivariable Mastering Meter)

mvMeter is a multivariable meter including RMS, EBUR128, VU and PPM measurement. Behavior of classic analog VU and PPM meters. Multiple measurement modes: PEAK, RMS, EBU R128, VU and PPM. Multi channel metering: stereo, left, right, mid, side channel. Large and accurate live meters. Adjustable pre-gain, automatic gain staging. 64-bit internal processing. 3 different meter […]View Full Post

QuadraCom (Free 4-Band Mastering Processor)


QuadraCom is a 4-band dynamics processor for mix bus and mastering. It offers a 4-band compressor and a 4-band transient vitalizing processor. QuadraCom can add subtle enhancement to full mixdowns or even tighten up the drum bus. 4 bands with fixed frequencies. M/S or Stereo mode. Compressor, transient vitalizer and EQ. Operation manual included.  View Full Post

CS-12 (Free Mastering Channel Strip)

CS-12 (Free Mastering Channel Strip)

CS-12 is a mastering channel strip. Bypass. In-output gain + reset. Pan + wide. Invert output. Left/right phase invert. Phase meter. 12 Graphic bands. 9 Q settings. Clipper + drive. Stereo doubler. Lopass, Hipass. Punch mode. NY compressor (soft/hard)+ Knock. Tape saturator. ReLife recover (C). Low-High Exciters. EQ 12-6 dB switch. Output 12-6 dB switch. […]View Full Post

Variety Of Sound – Density mkII (Free Mastering Plugin)

Variety Of Sound - Density mkII (Free Mastering Plugin)

Density mkII was primarily designed to work in a typical stereo audio group mixing situation or for summing and to glue all things together in an unobtrusive way. use the limiter mode to manage difficult audio dynamics – it does not operate in a brickwall design but offers a more strict handling of dynamics utilize […]View Full Post

MQ57 – Parametric Mastering Equalizer

MQ57 - Parametric Mastering Equalizer

MQ57 is a parametric equalizer designed for mastering. It is powerful, but quite easy to use after you understand what each knob and button does, so learning curve should be very mild for everyone who grasps basic principles of equalization. The main difference from other, standard EQs is that MQ57 has all controls and functions […]View Full Post