(83% Off) AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle

Acousticsamples creates virtual instruments focused on the perfect recreation of an acoustic and electric instrument such as guitars, pianos, organs, and more. They’ve announced 83%off their 4-in-1 Guitar Bundled which is originally $199.99, and now it goes for $29.99 from May […]View Full Post

Loopmasters & Pluginboutique GiveAway [Plugins/Tutorial/Sample Packs] – Stay At Home Producers

Pluginboutique just announced a collaboration between iZotope, Producertech, Loopcloud, Loopmaster and Pluginboutique itself, labeled with #StayInCreate, which brings a package of free plugins, tutorials and sounds to producers everywhere. For musicians and creative people, there has never been a more important […]View Full Post