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Stan Actur isn’t new at dropping free instrumental beat at exclusivemusicplus, he returns with another hot new spanking instrumental, this one is hot and also entails gospel elements, a ready to go free instrumental for the artiste seeking for good and a gospel-type instrumental beat.

This instrumental start out with a soothing chord, a violin instrument filling the body of the track with a melancholic melody as you would hear in most gospel music, this are just tip of the iceberg, feel the music yourself and you would never regret jumping on this one.

Tips for writing good lyrics on an instrumental:

1) A good way to quickly grab an idea of what to write about a song, is to listen to the instrumental more than twice, this helps in dictating if the song needs more lyrics or less lyrics.1

2) Uniqueness: Uniquennes is the key of standing out from the rest, try to be unique and avoid copycating

3) The style and the way you sing a song matters, try doing somthing catchy and you would be making a hit song in no time, people love catchy track and they would listen over and over again if a song is catchy.

Good luck with good music, download Stan Actur gospel-type instrumental beat below and do not forget to share and comment.

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Tell us what you like about the instrumental and if used, do not forget to give us the link to the track.

Contact Stan Actur
Whatsapp: +2348137536619
Facebook: stanactur stan

Tell us what you like about the instrumental and if used, do not forget to give us a link to the track.

Meet Stan Actur

Stan Actur finally launched his studio together with Rag city Studio in Lagos, You guessed it! Stan studio is designed with Top-notch equipment and currently one of the best in Lagos.

Get in touch with Stan on Whatsapp Via: 08137536619


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