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I have always had the thought of curating the latest news related to music production plugins, and or sample packs, and it’s finally here.

On this page you’ll find the latest news related to music production plugins (VST, AU & AAX), Latest Kontakt Libraries Releases, Sample Packs will be covered. Also, if you love buying at a discounted rate, you don’t want to miss out on the news section as I’ll be dropping discounted products every week or so…

  • 63% off: Pure Synth Bundle by (Gospel Musicians)

    63% off: Pure Synth Bundle by (Gospel Musicians)

    Gospel Musicians announces 63% off their renowned Pure Synth Platinum Bundle, we would get back to what the features of Pure Synth in a moment. This mega synthesizer is going out for $99.99, which was originally $269.92. Get Pure Synth Bundle Back to what it entails… Pure Synth is a software-based ROMpler and synthesis library that has the bread-and-butter samples ...

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  • [Arabic Strings] by (Aviram Dayan Production) Release

    [Arabic Strings] by (Aviram Dayan Production) Release

    Aviram Dayan Production releases Arabic Strings, which is a large collection of eastern samples that are perfect for situations when you need that genuine eastern, and warm flavor in your compositions. It is currently offered for only $39.99 (instead of $259), which is $219 in savings! Get Aviram Arabic Strings In detail, it comprises of over 9800 sounds ...

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  • Scaler 2 By Pluginboutique Release

    Scaler 2 By Pluginboutique Release

    Pluginboutique releases Scaler 2, which is better, faster, and super. The way you work with scales, chords, and melodies in your DAW has been totally revamped, with this version, you get a new melodic expression, over 200 new chord sets, modulation suggestions, audio detection, MIDI capture, 30 new instruments, and much more. Get Started With Scaler 2 For ...

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  • Loomasters Releases – ( ✪ Loopcloud Sounds)

    Loomasters Releases - ( ✪ Loopcloud Sounds)

    Loopmasters releases Loopcloud sounds websites, it is now easy and better to search the entire Loopcloud library on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop device.) Find the sound you want, whenever inspiration comes, download it or save it to favorites ready for when you work on your next production. For those that are new to Loopcloud: Loopcloud ...

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  • UJAM Release Finisher VOODOO (Creative Guitar Effect)

    UJAM Release Finisher VOODOO (Creative Guitar Effect)

    We haven’t had enough of the amazing Ujam Beatmaker Vice (Electronic Drum Plugin), and their first multi-effect plug-in – “Finisher NEO”, Ujam releases Finisher VOODOO. If you’ve visited or lived in an Africa country, then the VOODOO name shouldn’t be new to you, it is the belief in the existence of invisible evil spirits! Not here to scare ...

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