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91-08-fading is part of the GeoCities MIDI files packaged by ArchiveTeam, I have converted the file to a separate MP3 so you can preview it, additionally, you can download the MIDI file itself, or the MP3 File.

Note: While this is free, some MIDI files are copyrighted songs, so use at your own risk

Intro Verse 1 Chorus 1 Verse 2 Chorus 2 Big LOUD Bridge Verse 3 Chorus 3 Fadeout Warm Pad Fretless Bass Synth Lead 2 (Horns) Trumpet Clean Electric Guitar Distorted Guitar Distorted Guitar Vibraphone TR808 Beat Box Bass Drum (Pwr Set) Snare Drum Toms Crash Cymbals Ride Cymbal Fading Lights By Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford From The 1991 Genesis CD We Can't Dance MIDI Tracks Sequenced By Steve Byas (Drummy) Uploaded to AOL 04/26/96