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999 Gs2 is part of the GeoCities MIDI files packaged by ArchiveTeam, I have converted the file to a separate MP3 so you can preview it, additionally, you can download the MIDI file itself, or the MP3 File.

Note: While this is free, some MIDI files are copyrighted songs, so use at your own risk

CVS Ver4.02 Created 93/01/12 19:48 ***BEND RANGE ***CUTOFF ***RESONANCE ORGAN BACKING ***BEND RANGE ***BEND RANGE ***BEND RANGE ***BEND RANGE :Cutoff Freq. :Resonance System Reset System Reset ***PARTIAL RESERVE ***RYTHM MODE ***REVERB MODE ***REVERB LEVEL ***CHORUS MODE ***CHORUS LEVEL Reverb Time Reverb Delay FB Chorus FB Chorus Delay Chorus Rate Chorus Depth ***RESET