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Music Equipment Deals

On this page, you would find deals related to music equipment which might include headphones, audio interfaces, studio monitors, bags, and really anything related to music equipment. I also want you to note that these deals are time-limited, so, you might wanna jump on these deals real quick before times run out, good luck and I hope you find something you like.

If you are looking for deals related to music tech, then you can visit the deals page.

  • [Black Friday Deal] Philips Studio Headphones for Recording

    [Black Friday Deal] Philips Studio Headphones for Recording

    Here is another deal for Exclusivemusicplus readers, Philips Studio Headphones for Recording (Over Ear Open Back Stereo Headphone Wired with Detachable Audio Jack) is now currently Up to 40% off. Thi

  • [Black Friday Deal] USB C To USB C AINOPE

    [Black Friday Deal] USB C To USB C AINOPE

    AINOPE USB C to USB C deals is currently live on Amazon, this deal is shaving a whopping 20% off, AINOPE USB C TO USB C is a 100-watt right-angle cable that is compatible with Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and any of the below models.