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Understanding Audio Compression and Using a Compressor (Easy Way)
Welcome to the world where digital things are now incorporated, at this stage, I don’t think you need any additional hardware tools to solve your entire problem when it comes to music production.The problem new producer encounter is lack of understanding and I wouldn’t even say lack of understanding but would preferably say they follow the wrong path when learning music production, this is normal, I have been in such situation before.
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Audio Processing Category

Audio Processing

You would dive into the processing behind audio production, sound designing, compression and lots more stuff related to audio processing, check it out.

Music Production Categories

Music Production

Helpful guidelines and tips on various subjects related to music production, want to advance your music learning? opt-in for this category for easy music tips and how-to tutorials, you would find it very interesting, useful and helpful.

Free Beat Category

Free Beat

Team of dedicated Music Producers own this page, on this page, you would find different kinds of free instrumental ranging from trap sound to Afro-beats to Rubber-dub and lots more, make sure you check this page frequently for free beat/instrumental type beat.

Vst Plugins

Vst Plugins

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins are the tools you need to build your perfect sound, discover latest and best Vst's from this archive page, such as Piano Vst, Bass Vst, Auto-tune Vst, and many more...

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