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Best Recording Software For Windows and Mac Os

The greatest challenge of music seekers is, should I record on my phone, should I go to the studio to record, which software is best for recording, where to download free recording software for windows, and so on. If you are the victim of this searches, search no more, I have aggregated the best recording software for windows platform. I went to the length of collating online survey on the best recording software for windows platform, and I discovered the freemium recording software lacks advanced functionality of popular professional recording software, though, users still have the option to use advanced…

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Creating A Drum Loop Like A Pro

I will never forget the first time I tried creating a drum loop in a Daw, simply put, it was hell, and the reason it was hell is that it was my first time, Yes, you don’t expect to sound good at first shot. At least, I am pretty sure Bill gate was born with expectations about the objects around himself, he wasn’t born with programming skills, but as he grows he was able to refine his knowledge and became who we know today as the father of Microsoft. The rule of thumb is to learn, practice and your skills…


Three Ways To Create A Modulating Delay

We keep learning new things every day, new technology keeps arising, and we have to learn new effect, numerous ideas or follow the trend to meet up to our need. Can’t we learn everything at once, I bet you can’t. You don’t have to be a master of everything, learning is feasible, and you do not need to be a master of everything. You only need to focus on the activity you enjoy the most. In this tutorial, I will be showing you an effective way of creating a modulating delay, without any further ado, let’s get cracking. What is…


Creating Sub Bass In Your Synthesizers

Hi, I am gonna teach you simple sound design techniques on how to create the guy giving life to the Mix in EDM(Electronic Dance Music), which is Mr Sub Bass. Let’s get to know what Mr Sub Bass does, and we would roll on designing it in our Daw’s afterwards What Is Sub Bass In a non-technical aspect, Sub Bass is the kind of bass sound that is not too obvious, so low that when played you often feel them more than you hear them. In a technical aspect, Sub Bass is the low-pitched sound that is formed by a…


Sample Rate, Bit-Depth & Bitrate

To be sincere, I researched on this article for about a week to really come up with an idea of what to write, there is a lot going in analog to digital conversion which I can’t cover in this article, but I will try my best to explain and simplify on the terms people find confusing in audio sampling. Do you ever think of the way a computer store information, remember, someone like you built a computer system, Oh I forgot to say someone smarter than you. A computer can’t store a continuous signal (Analog signal) because they have a…

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How To Create Sweeps In Fl Studio 12

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create sweepers with 3xosc and automation in Fl Studio. The 3xosc If you have been using Fl Studio for so long, you would notice the 3xosc, it has been around for a long time in Fl Studio. The 3xosc is a simple synthesizer that can be used to create leads, basslines, plucks and pads. One of the great ways I have used this plugin is to quickly create a white noise sweepers. Using 3xosc & Filter For Creating Sweeps All we have to do to create sweepers in 3xosc…

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Fl Studio 12: The Easiest Way To Create A Lead Sound In Fl Studio

In this tutorial, I will be showing you one of the easiest ways you can create a lead sound in Fl Studio. If you have already read my article on the insight about sound designing, then you should know how it works. How A Lead Will Look In Waveform A lead sound mostly have a saw in its waveform, to build a lead sound then you should try using a saw oscillator, thou, we have a different kind of saw shapes, i.e., Tri saw, double saw and more. I will be using Fl Studio Native for this tutorial which is…

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Fl Studio: Using The Mixer Menu In Fl Studio 12

I will be guiding you on how to use the mixer menu in Fl Studio, you shouldn’t be surprise of what the mixer will contain, from the word mix. The mixer contains Volume, panning, controls, stereo separation, mono switch, loading mixing effects and more. Using The Mixer Menu Lets quickly get to the mixer menu and view what it can do. First of all, open Fl Studio and you can launch the mixer, either by pressing F9 on your keyboard or by using the mixer icon as shown below. I have loaded an instance of a piano chord in the…

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How Subtractive Synthesizer Works

In this article, I am going to show you what you need to know about sound designing in a Synthesizer, the audio signal workflow you should follow to create a different texture of sounds and more. Myth About Synthesizers Do you wonder what different set of knobs, buttons, parameters and what seems like a mystery in that particular synth does? I would say they are all set for an audio signal path you follow to create a sound. For instance, to prepare a cooked rice, you need to follow the process of washing the rice > boiling your water >…

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Sylenth1: Review Of Sylenth1 Version 3.0

Sylenth is a powerful virtual analog VSTi Synthesizer plugin developed and own by LennarDigital. You can use Sylenth1 in your daw to create a wide variety of sounds From leads, evolving pads, organs, plucks, drum sounds and any sounds you aim to achieve. Sylenth has been used on many hit records, and it has been used by top Edm producers, i.e., Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Avicii, and Jay Hardway, among others. It is an excellent synthesizer that as a friendly user interface. It’s one of my favorite go-to software synthesizers for many projects. What’s new? After a long time, LennarDigital decided to…

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Fl Studio: Tempo And Their Effect In Music Production

In this tutorial, I am going to explain the meaning of a Tempo and Bpm, and I’ll also describe the effect of both terms. First of all, let’s get to understand the term Tempo and Bpm or bpm(beats per minute) in music. What Is A Tempo? In a simple term, Tempo is the speed at which something happens, in music, Tempo is the speed of a song or the rate at which music is played or sung. Setting a particular tempo will determine how fast and slow the music is played. To understand Tempo fully, you need to note that…

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FL STUDIO: Importing And Exporting Midi Files In Fl Studio 12

In this guide, I am going to show you how to import and export midi files in Fl Studio 12. Sometimes you will feel like using the MIDI data of one particular pattern for another project or the MIDI data you downloaded or the ones your friends sent to you. The easiest way of doing this is to import the MIDI into your project if downloaded or shared to you by a friend or to reimport it if you created the melody and wanna reuse it in another project. Why are the Midi Files Useful? MIDI files are useful if…

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Fl Studio 12 Riff Machine Tool For Melody

In the previous article, we learned about using the advanced tool in Fl Studio piano roll, preview the guide here if you haven’t read it. In this tutorial, we will explore the riff machine tool in Fl Studio to create an exciting melody. What Is Riff Machine? The riff machine is designed to more of an inspiration starter than an actual melody designer. I love this tool because it makes me start out with a new random melody. There are great tools in the riff machine that are designed to guide through the process. It is good for starting out…


(Music) Cake – Acrimoney

Cake – Acrimoney “Acrimoney” is a song by Nigerian finest musician “Cake“, it was written by Cake and produced by one of the best producers in Nigeria whose name is “Peejay Klasik”. The song titled “Acrimoney” coined from same English word”acrimony” is a motivational song geared towards encouraging hard work and patience, this song will sure keep you on your feet. The instrumental of “Acrimoney” is particularly fine, features a reggae pattern with the 4/4 or swing time in place, guitars chords on the second and fourth beats of a bar (strings are plucked quickly and sharply), and many more fantastic…


Fuzeejasmine – Riddim

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]egendary superstar Fuzeejasmine is growing his fan base day by day. He is acclaimed to be a multi-talented artist when it comes to recording different genre of music. He stepped his music further by switching genre and making a great single -Title Riddim produced, mixed and mastered by PeejayKlasik. The instrumental of “Riddim” is particularly fine, equalisation was nearly perfect, coupled with reverb, delay, compression and the overall mix which are conventionally pleasant. Fuzeejasmine’s lyrics was fantastic and was well written, to get full details of “Riddim” download it below… Check it out below and do not forget to share, comment and like this…

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[Music] JayKey – Bless My Hustle

Elijah Jeremiah,  known as JayKey is one of the rising upcoming stars of the Nigerian music industry, which has been making great music, one of his great track is Laye. Laye crooner is here with another hit banger titled BLESS MY HUSTLE, Which is produced by Holy Beatz.   The instrumental of “BLESS MY HUSTLE” is particularly fine, equalization was nearly perfect, coupled with reverb, delay, compression and the overall mix which are conventionally pleasant.   Jaykey’s lyrics was fantastic and was well written, to get full details of “Bless My Hustle” download it below…  

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Music: Fuzeejasmine – Farida

Superstar Fuzeejasmine has done another great hit – Titled Faridaproduced by Peejay Classic and mixed and master by Peejay Classic. Fuzeejasmine is making more wave in the Nigerian music scene, and we hope he moves higher than this.   Check it out below and do not forget to share, comment and like this hot jam. Bye!!!  

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[Music] Jaykey – Amin

Legendary superstar Jaykee has done another great hit – Titled Amin produced by 2flexin and mixed and master by Jaysound. Jaykey is making more wave in the Nigerian music scene, and we hope he moves higher than this.   Check it out below and do not forget to share, comment and like this hot jam. Bye!!!     DOWNLOAD JAYKEY’S LATEST HIT – LAYE


Nexus Vst Specification, Review, and Price

Nexus Vst Specification, Review, and Price Refx Nexus vst is one of the greatest and widely used Vst in the audio production scene, Nexus 2 is a Rom synthesizer plugin, which includes massive and hundreds of samples. The Nexus 2 factory bank is designed for mostly Edm genres, which will give you the clear insight of the sound. Features Of Nexus 2 Vst Refx Nexus 2 is designed to be more of a friendly user interface, providing sort by category, search by category name and more with organising folders. Nexus as the ability to use multiple voices at once, Velocity modulation…


Massive Vst Specification, Review, Features And Price

Massive is a software synthesizer plugin Vst own by NI(Native Instrument), It is base on a wavetable Synthesis that utilizes oscillators for the creation of sound and it is mostly used in electronic music, it is intended for the production of bass and lead sounds. Ni Massive Feature Details Massive is no doubt a hybrid digital synthesizer which uses three wave oscillators to reproduce its sound. The oscillators have separate controls for wave shaping(saw, square, etc.), pitch and wavetable position. Massive includes 85 powerful wavetables, each one with a unique combination of waveforms and distinct sonic characteristics. Filter Section Ni…