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The Top 10 Best Noise Cancellation Headphones [2019!]

You probably would have heard the term "noise cancellation", and assume it cancels outside noise when listening to audio content with your headphone - which is right!At the very narrow occasion, all headphones cancel noise because they block outside sounds by covering your ear. Even if you get the tightest headphones in the world, it won't be able to cover terrible sounds such as Car horns, or an aeroplane engine - you know how disturbing that sounds!To prevent higher-noise from...
Best Audio Interface for Fl Studio

The Best Audio Interface for Fl Studio [Tips, Review & Buyer’s Guide]

I recently published a review and buyer's guide on the top ten best audio interfaces you should get if you are serious about music production.I broke down the factors you need to consider if you need to get a superb interface, and I rounded up the post by recommending ten best audio interface.Since Fl studio is one of the most downloaded and used DAW application in the world, it make sense to consider recommending an interface that works best for Fl, though any audio interface should be...
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Top 10 Best Music Production and Recording Laptops [2019!]

I am very sure you've been procrastinating, and contemplating on the best budgets friendly Laptop to buy for music production and recording.If you are on this page for a high-end laptop, I cover your part as well, and before you spend unnecessary cash on a high-end laptop, let me guide you through the needful and understanding of what you need to know before selecting the best music production system that suits you.
Top 10 best studio audio interface 2019

The Top 10 Best Audio Interface 2019! [Review & Buyer’s Guide!]

Do you think your music/recordings are going to be of high quality, or perhaps sound good if you buy an audio interface?You don't do recording, all you do is in-the-box mixing & mastering, do you need an external interface?If you want an answer to this, and how you should properly go about selecting the right audio interface for your need, then you are on the right page.
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Top 10 Best Music Recording Software 2019! [Reviews And Buyer’s Guide]

I am glad you found this website, I will take you through proper steps in selecting the right Daw or perhaps the best professional music recording software.Whether you plan on setting up a bedroom studio or a professional one, and you want to choose the right music recording software, you will learn the nitty-gritty of selecting the right music DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Free Sample Pack and Sampler VST

Hi folks, I wonder if you have been using samplers lately, you will find the one of the best and suggested sampler VST I use frequently plus an additional sample pack from Wavealchemy, go download ’em below. 1) MS-20 mini DrumsAfter the success of releasing Synth Drums library, Wavealchemy is giving out a set of free unique and percussive samples, which is carefully processed using a set of extensive collection of high-end hardware processors and super shaping tools Features483 free...
The Top 27 Best Free and Paid Piano VST

The 27 Best & Free [Piano VST] Plugins in 2019

After a lot of research on finding the best and real Piano VSTs, I finally came up with a few ones that will sound at least similar to regular acoustic piano instruments. If you want to skip straight to the best free and paid Piano VSTs, just skip this section. If you want to learn more about the fact and how to go about selecting the right one, I urge you to continue reading.How Sounds Are Generated From a Virtual Piano Instruments There are two ways of ...
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The Top 10 Best Free & Paid [Autotune VST Plugins]

I posted a gigantic list of free VST plugins two weeks ago, the post was awesome, and I am glad you guys loved it. On this page, you will find a list of ten best free and paid autotune VST plugins you can download and use for free in your various Daw Software. Before you start tweaking the knob on various autotune plugins, I think we should understand the basics of what autotune VSTS does, if you have an idea about that, skip this section, and if ...
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Best Recording Software For Windows & Mac Os – [2019!]

The greatest challenge of music seekers is, should I record on my phone, should I go to the studio to record, which software is best for recording, where to download free recording software for windows, and so on. If you are the victim of this searches, search no more, I have aggregated the best recording software for windows platform. I went to the length of collating online survey on the best recording software for windows platform, and I discovered the freemium recording software lacks...
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