[Get 63% OFF] Angel Strings Vol. 2 by Auddict

We’ve previously covered Volume 1 of Angel Strings which features textural elements, morphing into/out from atonality, risers/divebombs ideal for building tension, and more… Volume 2 is even better, this contains specialized string articulations and various orchestral textures. which includes completely unique, […]View Full Post

[GET 84% OFF] Sordina by Librewave

Sordina by LibreWave is a muted instrument emulator that allows you to apply a wide range of mutes to your unmuted virtual instruments or live recordings. It works by using detailed impulse responses created through the analysis of real-world recordings of […]View Full Post

[GET 90% OFF] Limerence by Rigid Audio

Limerence by Rigid Audio is a 4 GB “organic textures” instrument that features four layers, an intuitive easy-to-grasp interface, and hundreds of ready-to-use sounds for your next movie scoring or musical project. This is originally sold for $89, but now, Limerence will […]View Full Post