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Softube Plugin Deals

Welcome to Softube plugin deals!

This page would be a go-to source for the best discounts and promotions on top-quality audio software from Softube, so, enjoy it while it last.

  • Softube Chandler Limited & Upgrades Sale

    Save up to 55% on Softube's range of Chandler Limited emulations and upgrades and achieve the sound of iconic hardware used in records by the likes of Pink Floyd and the Beatles directly in your DAW!

  • Softube Synth Sale

    This Holiday season, enjoy massive savings on incredible Softube synths such as Model 72, Parallels, Monoment Bass, Modular and add-ons, and loads more! Enjoy prices from only €12 / $12 and up to 67

  • Softube Empirical Labs & Upgrades Sale

    This Holiday season, save up to 40% on Softube's range of exceptional Empirical Labs analogue emulations including the Lil Freq equaliser/deesser and upgrades to the complete collection!

  • Softube Weiss & Upgrades Sale

    The Weiss series brings transparency to the key areas of mixing & mastering, providing you with world-class analogue-emulated compressors, limiters, and de-essing units to enhance your musical creatio

  • Softube Virtual Analog Studio Sale

    Upgrade your virtual studio with Softube's renowned virtual analogue gear including synths, amp emulations, reverb units, compressors, and tonnes more. Save up to 67% in our sale this Holiday season!

  • Softube Amp Room & Upgrades Sale

    This Holiday season enjoy massive savings on Softube's Amp Room range of guitar amp emulations and upgrades! Enjoy prices from only €22 / $22 and up to 60% off!

  • Softube Tube-Tech & Upgrades Sale

    Add a touch of analogue mojo to your music and save 50% on this series of iconic EQ and Compressor emulations from Softube including upgrades.

  • Softube End Of Year Sale

    In celebration of another year ending, enjoy massive savings on essential Softube products such as Tube-Tech Compressors, Monoment Bass, Modular and add-ons, upgrades, and loads more! Enjoy prices fro

  • Softube Dirty Bass Bundle Sale (Exclusive)

    Add some auditory filth to your bass with the all-new Dirty Bass Bundle from Softube. Build textured and complex bass through Softube's Monoment Bass synthesizer, then add some grit and analog edge to