[Afrobeat] Nyescomike – Emotional Freebeat (2019!)

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So you are looking for an Emotional Afrobeat, search no further as you are on the right page for the very exact emotional afro sound you are looking for.

Nyescomike presents this new and fresh Afro emotional beats for free as usual, suitable for an artist seeking for cool and an Afro emotional-type.

We might not understand the lyrics or the language spoken in certain music but we all share the same intention and emotion when we hear the music.

Tips for writing a badass lyrics to this instrumental:

Note: There are no rules in making music, this are just my go to tips I have found useful over the years.

1) A good way to quickly grab an idea of what to write about a song is to listen to the instrumental more than twice, this helps in dictating if the song needs more lyrics or fewer lyrics.

2) Connect musically with the harmony as this song is filled with inspirational emotional harmony

3) Uniqueness: uniqueness is the key to standing out from the rest, try to be unique and avoid copycats

4) The style and the way you sing a song matters, try doing something catchy and you would be making a hit song in no time, people love catchy track and they would listen over and over again if a song is catchy.

Good luck with good music, download Nyescomike  Afro dancehall instrumental beat below and do not forget to share and comment.

Note: When you comment, you give us opinions on how to publish better ones.

Listen on the fly:

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