Fl Studio: Overview Of The Playlist Window In Fl Studio 12

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In the previous tutorial, we learned about creating multiple patterns in the channel window using the step sequencer.

In this article, we will overview the playlist window in Fl Studio 12.

The playlist window is the place where all the individual patterns come together.

Overview Of The Playlist Window In Fl Studio 1
The playlist window

You can open it using the playlist button in the toolbar or by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

Overview Of The Playlist Window In Fl Studio 2
press F5 to navigate to the playlist window

This is the place where you loop the patterns you have created together, as well as vocals and a lot I would explain in other articles.

At the top of the Playlist, Window is the toolbar, you would notice it looks similar to the tools in the piano roll.

Overview Of The Playlist Window In Fl Studio 3
playlist toolbar

The toolbar

The toolbar is where you would find tools for editing, arranging and even automating project.

Lets briefly look at some essential element in the playlist toolbar.

The snap tool to manipulate the position of patterns, either more extensive grid or smaller grid.

Overview Of The Playlist Window In Fl Studio 4

Importing Patterns To The Playlist Window

Let us use the pattern we used in the previous article, use the pattern selector to bring in patterns.

Overview Of The Playlist Window In Fl Studio 5
bringing in pattern

The Most Important Tools In The Playlist Window

The draw tool allows you to insert individual pattern at a time, while the pain tool will enable you to draw pattern faster.

The delete tool allows you to delete a pattern, the slice tool enables you to slice a pattern, just the way you would slice a note in the piano roll.

The select tool allows you to select multiple patterns at once, you can move the selected pattern with either the draw or paint tool.

The zoom tool allows you to zoom in and out, right-click and left click to zoom in and out.

The mute tool allows you to individually mute patterns without deleting them.

I guess you get the idea of how the playlist window works, experiment with it to get the full features.

Overview Of The Playlist Window In Fl Studio 6
essential tools in the playlist window

Happy experimentation.

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