How To Create a Drum Loop Using [Fl Studio] & (Loopcloud)

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The video tutorial below shows you how to create a groovy drum loop with Fl Studio and Loopcloud.

Before we start anything, this is the final result of the drum loop:

So, if you are interested in knowing how I created that, keep reading, and if otherwise, sorry I couldn’t help.


What is Loopcloud?

Loopcloud is a cloud-based sample subscription services application that provides vast and instant access to over 4 million royalty-free sounds from Loopmasters’ exclusive labels and Loopcloud Exclusive sounds.

The way Loopcloud works is that users can purchase samples using points, this makes so much sense in that, you won’t have to spend unnecessarily on samples you would never use.

With Loopcloud, you don’t need to buy a full sample pack unless it is necessary, just browse, purchase, and start making good music, it is as easy as that.

Also, it seamlessly integrates with your DAW project, which I would show you in the video tutorial below in a moment, you can also drag samples in a personal library or directly into your DAW for production.

Here is a Practical Review Guide of Loopcloud.

What You Should Know Before Creating a Drum Loop

You can’t just create a drum loop without having an idea of what you are doing, you might get an “okay sound” sometimes, but what if I tell you, you can do better.

So, here is a list of what I do to come up with a cool drum loop

  • Imitate the drums of the genre you are creating
  • Listen to good songs, this is subjective, so, do your due diligence
  • Rip off the drum loops of your favorite tune, and try to apply the rhythm to what you are creating
  • Again, follow the principle of the genre you are creating, I recently wrote a tutorial on the constitution of afrobeats, where I broke down how the drums and other elements are composed, it is worth checking out regardless of the genre you are making.

Finally, here is the video tutorial:

Note: I am using Fl Studio 10 has my main DAW, but the same process applies regardless of the DAW. If you are using Fl Studio, you have a copy of Loopcloud, and you are interested in the project file, drop your comments below. Compatible With Fl 10 – 20

Note: This is part of the series “Creating a Progressive House Track From Scratch Using (Fl Studio & Loopcloud)

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