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All Digital Brain Instruments are 50% off, and it would only be valid for a limited time.

Note: The Below plugins are 50% off, and they are all Digital Brain Instruments

Here is a full list to the Digital Brain Instruments plugins, or you can use the below list to sort the one you would prefer

Batch Pro

This is a standalone software developed for processing a large number of files in one click. It allows changing the file format, sampling rate, bit depth, pan, stereo/mono files, pitch, filter, volume, and processing the files through up to 4 vst/au plugins. Batch Pro can save you a lot of time in the studio.


This is a standalone software conceived for events broadcasting purposes, including online radios, talk shows, dialog recordings, speeches, conferences, meetings, podcasting, and small live concerts.

DSP Manager

A 64Bit standalone software developed to manage loudspeaker systems for events such as concerts, venues, conferences, or any other kind of event that requires loudspeaker management or that requires routing different audio sources to different listening spaces.

Multiplex Vocoder 2

A standalone software developed for music production, live sets, and audio post-production. The software features four VST/AU vocoders and one audio sample vocoder where you can load any Virtual Instrument or audio file to be used as a vocoder carrier signal.


A standalone anti-aliased tone and noise generator with adjustable wave shape and noise type standalone software (64 Bits). It has been conceived for analyzing and testing purposes or for any audio tone related purpose, as chladni patterns or binaural beats.

Talkie Box 2

Talkie Box is a standalone software developed for audio post-production purposes. It allows processing in real-time your voice to emulate walkie-talkie, radio, or telephone sound effects.


The transformer is a 64-bit standalone software developed to transform your audio samples into new sounds, using a microphone, pre-recorded audio files, or a virtual instrument.

Voxpat 2

Voxpat is a standalone software developed to create a high-quality monster, other world creatures, and robotic voices for games, films, music, multimedia projects, or for creating sound libraries in just a few minutes. But also for processing any kind of samples or instruments in many different ways.

Voxpat Player

Voxpat Player is a standalone application developed as a quick start for those interested in monster, creature, and robotic sound design, but also for low-budget projects, students, and musicians.

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