63% off: Pure Synth Bundle by (Gospel Musicians)

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Gospel Musicians announces 63% off their renowned Pure Synth Platinum Bundle, we would get back to what the features of Pure Synth in a moment.

This mega synthesizer is going out for $99.99, which was originally $269.92.

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Back to what it entails…

Pure Synth is a software-based ROMpler and synthesis library that has the bread-and-butter samples of a traditional hardware keyboard, combined with the synthesis techniques available in the most complex of digital and analog synthesizers.

This 6GB bundle (8.11 uncompressed) includes Pure Synth Platinum 2, EDM Leads, Racked 808, and 8-bit Sounds. This is the synth bundle you have always dreamed of and the sounds are absolutely incredible.

Key Features:

  • New streaming and synthesis architecture
  • 1,000 Brand New Sounds and 21,619 Samples
  • 108 Warm Wavetables
  • 650 High-Quality Presets
  • Pure Sine Built-In with incredibly new presets
  • BASSalicious – Many customs presets from this library
  • A completely overhauled easy to use modulation system.
  • New and flexible preset system with quick saving and recall
  • 20 Brand new state of the art digital effects.
  • Specific CPU Optimizations especially for Logic and Mainstage
  • JP-like Detune for samples and synths

Video SneakPeek

Audio Demo

Get Pure Synth Bundle

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