85% Off: Putty Piano by Riot Audio [Kontakt Library]

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Riot Audio announces the introductory sale for its prepared upright piano sample library. Originally $98, Putty Piano Is now available for only $14.99 (you save $83).

Putty Piano is an experimented prepared piano sample library that has its strings dampened with thick blue poster putty. The effect of this is a muted sustain, with a sharp attack and a soft resonance.

The piano is an emulation of the vintage 1950s British household upright, which is full of character and quirks. riotaudio, which are the makers of Putty Piano has done a great job in creating this library. On top of that, they added two extra layers of mechanical and human noise elements (simulation of a pianist moving around, and turning pages on score) for an added realistic feel.

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Note: It is currently 85% off on audioplugin.deals, so, you might want to hurry up as the deal would be off in 13 days as of the time of writing this review.

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