Music Plugins & Sample Pack News

I have always had the thought of curating the latest news related to music production plugins, and or sample packs, and it’s finally here.

On this page you’ll find the latest news related to music production plugins (VST, AU & AAX), Latest Kontakt Libraries Releases, Sample Packs will be covered. Also, if you love buying at a discounted rate, you don’t want to miss out on the news section as I’ll be dropping discounted products every week or so…

  • (50% off) [Bass Engine 1] by [DopeSONIX]

    (50% off) [Bass Engine 1] by [DopeSONIX]

    Bass Engine 1 is a Hip-Hop bass plug-in by DopeSONIX, it features low-end bass and 808 sounds. Save 50% off DopeSONIX Bass Engine at Pluginboutique, the deal is Valid until May 31, 2020. Get Bass Engine 1 by DopeSONIX (%50 off) Key Features 300 Pre-EQ’ed Hip Hop bass instruments including twenty fat 808′s An unrivaled collection of the Finest USEABLE Hip ...

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  • (100% off) Synths Abyss by Karanyi Sounds

    (100% off) Synths Abyss by Karanyi Sounds

    Hurry guys! Synth Abyss by Karanyi Sounds will be offered 100% Free for just 2 weeks, this is available to anyone. Let’s learn some of the features of Synth Abyss… Synth Abyss is a designer bass collection Kontak Instrument that focuses on deep and atonal sounds, created with classic and modern analog synthesizers to produce rumbling soundscapes, dystopian ...

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  • (65% off) [That Thing] by [BeatSkillz] (Exclusive)

    (65% off) [That Thing] by [BeatSkillz] (Exclusive)

    That Thing is Multi-FX Processor by BeatSkillz that features Textures, Chorus, Bit Crusher, and HP/LP Filters. Save 65% off BeatSkillz multi-effect soundscape processor which features 50 samples of old vinyl players, tape machines, old radio, tube gear, atmospheres, ambiance, and much more. Get That Thing by BeatSkillz for 65% Off Key Features Chorus FX: Analog Modelled Chorus for wide, ...

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  • FELICITY by Rigid Audio [Kontakt Instrument] (Now Available For $4 )

    FELICITY by Rigid Audio [Kontakt Instrument] (Now Available For $4 )

    FELICITY is a Kontakt Library Instruments that delivers 300 wavetable based soundscapes, atmospheres and textures, which is powered by the new Kontakt 6 wavetable engine, we would come back to some of its features… FELICITY was originally priced for $49, and now it will be available in the shop for only $4, so, you might want to grab it ...

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  • (83% Off) AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle

    (83% Off) AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle

    Acousticsamples creates virtual instruments focused on the perfect recreation of an acoustic and electric instrument such as guitars, pianos, organs, and more. They’ve announced 83%off their 4-in-1 Guitar Bundled which is originally $199.99, and now it goes for $29.99 from May 13th until May 26th, 2020. Get AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle for 83% Off These Guitar Bundle are some ...

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