CABAL 8 by Wavelet Audio (60% OFF)

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Cabal 8 is a powerful natural eight-string Kontakt guitar Instrument by Wavelet Audio, it is built to imitate an actual guitar instrument, whether you are making Pop, Edm, Afro-beats, Hip-hop, or any other genre, Cabal 8 is your goto plugin.

They’ve announced 60% off their Kontakt Guitar Library, the price was originally $159, and now it goes for $64.99 until June July 19th, 2020.

Get CABAL 8 by Wavelet Audio

Cabal 8 includes 3 guitars, Clean DI guitar, and two already processed guitars: Hi-Gain & Crunch, in detail:

  • Clean DI is a dry guitar signal; carefully edited and ready for processing. Run it through your plugins to get the original and powerful sound.
  • Hi-Gain — fully released, ready-to-use, distorted guitar to start the process quickly and easily right from scratch.
  • Crunch. –  Drag & drop the instrument into Kontakt to get the powerful crunch sound of 8-string guitar.

►Video SneakPeek►

►Audio Demo►

►Key Features:

  • The unique algorithm of the portamento slide. You can control all aspects of portamento: speed, starting, and ending positions, what noises will be present.
  • The possibility to disable certain strings from the instrument. CABAL 8 will automatically reallocate the load to the remaining strings, if possible.
  • The possibility to tune each of the strings. That allows you to customize the instrument to any desired guitar tuning.
  • Possibility of detailed equalization. You can equalize the whole instrument or even a specific articulation of a separately selected string.
  • Keyswitch Mode, in which you can flexibly adjust the string selection for each note using velocity.
  • The possibility to configure articulations routing map, sending them to certain buses.

►System Requirements:

  • Over 13500 hand-edited samples in 48 kHz / 24-bit.
  • 6 primary articulations (Sustain, Palm Mute, Short Palm Mute, Harmonics, X-Note, Tappings) and 2 additional articulations (FX Sustain, FX Palm mute)
  • Up / down picking
  • 8 Round Robins per note
  • 3 guitars: DI Clean, Hi-Gain, Crunch
  • MIDI included
  • Requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher
  • 8.52 GB of hard drive space (15.9 GB of original sample material).

Get CABAL 8 by Wavelet Audio

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