CATALYST (Cinematic Drums) by ARIA SOUNDS (77% Off)

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CATALYST is a high-end sample library, with over 20 pristine cinematic percussion instruments, it includes

  • Alfia
  • Big Floor Tom
  • Bodhran, Daf, Darbuka, Deep Bass Drum
  • Djembe, Floor Tom 2, Frame Drum, Gaia
  • Gong Cymbal, Indian Bells
  • Indian Frame Drum, Keys, Pandeiro
  • Riq, SFX Rims, Shakers, Sizzle Cymbal
  • Slammer, Snail, Tom Tom, Virus, and Wreckage Drums!

They’ve announced 77% off their Cinematic Drums Kontakt instrument, the price was originally $110, and now it goes for $24.99 until July 9th, 2020.

Get CATALYST (Cinematic Drums) by ARIA SOUNDS

Cinematic Drums is compatible with the version of 4 & 5 of Kontakt, and also comes with a staggering FOUR mic positions to mix between. These include close, overheads, mid, and far mic positions, for ultimate control over the sound.

Instruments are sampled with up to five round robins per note, with multiple velocity layers per note, for maximum realism and that extra human-sounding quality.

Each drum was sampled with different types of mallets/sticks, hard, soft, large, wood, etc, as well as trills and extra and even extended techniques included.

► Key Features:

  • 3 GB of Content
  • The full version of Kontakt 4 or above is required to run this software.
  • Up to five round robins per note
  • Four mic positions
  • Multiple velocity layers per note
  • Each drum was sampled with different types of mallets/sticks

►Audio Demo

Video Sneak Peek

► System Requirement:

  • This library runs in KONTAKT 4 and above.
  • Size is 3.04GB

Get CATALYST (Cinematic Drums) by ARIA SOUNDS

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