FELICITY by Rigid Audio [Kontakt Instrument] (Now Available For $4 )

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FELICITY is a Kontakt Library Instruments that delivers 300 wavetable based soundscapes, atmospheres and textures, which is powered by the new Kontakt 6 wavetable engine, we would come back to some of its features…

FELICITY was originally priced for $49, and now it will be available in the shop for only $4, so, you might want to grab it before the discount expires.

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Back to its features…

It features various hybrid sounds, acoustic and mixed waveforms, sizzling and sparkling pads as well as analog-sounding leads.

FELICITY comes with a motion knob, that lets you dial in the amount of wavetable position modulation. Furthermore, there is a gate knob that lets you blend in a rhythmic “trance gate” effect for any sound.

Also, it comes with the new “FLAIR” effect that has resonating tuned delays and creates outstanding sounds. A production-quality reverb, as well as tape-saturation, is built-in also.

Key Features:

  • 300 preset instruments
  • Atmospheres, textures, leads, soundscapes, hybrid sounds
  • FELICITY is fully automatable
  • instantly useable and inspiring sounds right at your fingertips
  • 100% royalty-free

System Requirements:

  • A full version of KONTAKT 6.2.1+ required!

Get FELICITY by Rigid Audio

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