[GET 75% OFF] Inifinty Annual Plan by CloudBounce

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Infinity Annual Plan from CloudBounce is a software that allows you to complete lightning-fast music mastering right on your desktop.

With CloudBounce reference-based mastering, you can specify your favorite tune, and their engine will match its characteristics to make your track sound similar.

Note that, this tool won’t fix your dirty mix, if you are sure your mix is good to go for mastering, you can use it to master your songs real quick. Also, it features Album mastering, this way, you can upload your whole album and then specify the track order, options, and album-wide settings easily, interesting.

This is orginally for $199.99,but now the subscription service will be available for just $49.99 from now until February 9th, 2021, use it while it last.

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