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The Best Sample Kits: Best Sample Packs Sorted By Genre [2024]

Let's cut the crap!

Finding good samples is super hard, it took me about 3 - 4 years to find my style + a bad-ass sample I can reuse on multiple occasions.

I have said this before, and I will say it again, downloading a massive array of sample collections or drum sample contents won't help you in finding a good sample, you are worsening the situation, find your preferred sample and stick with that.

In my case, I have about 25 kicks I have been using for about 4 years, whenever I am creating a new track, you will always find one of them, I know the ins and out of every damn kick in that collection, and I can tweak and adjust it to whatever styles I am making.

I am not saying you should use a minimal collection, all I am saying is to find good sample elements, stick with them, and make it reusable.

Samples can either make your track sound good or either break it (harmonization is important too).

Let's take a scenario: Your project sample rate is set at 44.1khz sample rate or 44,100hz and you are using a sample pack of 22,050hz, that is the beginning of planting a seed of low-quality resolution, you can't blindly re-convert 22,050hz to 44,100hz, it is like converting a low-resolution image into a high resolution.

Bottom line: It is recommended to find a sample of at least 44.1khz or more, anything below isn't advisable and in most cases, it would worsen your situation, unless you are creating a piece of lo-fi music, where high-resolution doesn't matter.

Moreover, a high-quality sample can withstand anything you throw at it be it compression, distortion, or whatever effect you use.

(Note: too much of everything is bad ).

Before we jump into the set of best drum samples you can use, let me give you a quick tip to help lessen your stress when seeking a high-quality drum sample, skip this section, if all you want is the sample packs.

Tips For Finding High-Quality Re-usable Sample Packs

  • Open up your previous project and listen to each track you've produced, compare and carefully contrast each element in solo, find the best ones and create a new folder for that, e.g. Folder "My Styles", this is the way to re-use drum sample packs, this way, you won't have to scroll through thousands of sample packs. Anytime you find anything good; you drop it in that folder, if you are a newbie, this would help in the long run and help keep things organized.
  • While free sample packs are good, I'll advise you to stay out of anything free if you are just getting started, you'll perceive things wrongly, and it would be hard to differentiate between good samples and bad samples if you are used to low-quality sounds, the best route is to buy sample packs (see the next list), it would help you in the long run, and you would avoid the hurdle of searching all over the internet for free samples.
  • Buy sample packs from reputable sample stores/sites (I have compiled some of the best sample packs below).
  • If you are to take anything away from this guide, it should be creating a collection of your preferred goto use samples (put them in a personal folder), trust me, you'll go a long way.

With that said, I have compiled a list of the best drum samples you can use, it is sorted by genre, and if you want to dive in quickly, click on your preferred choice in the table of content and start creating good music, good luck, I hope you'll find one or more of these useful.

Hip Hop Sample Packs

The below list contains [10] good hip-hop sample packs, find your preferred Hip Hop sample packs, and stick to that, if you are not into Hip Hop, jump to the next Genre or use the table of contents above to sort yourself...

0.) LoopCloud


While Loopcloud isn't a sample pack on its own, it is an incredible beast of a plugin that contains millions of sample packs directly from the cloud, and you can absolutely try it for free for 30 days, so, this way you can quickly search the category or genre of music you are interested in.

It is software that will help you create original sounds - faster than ever. The latest release includes two new plugin instruments: Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play. These collections contain thousands of sounds and instruments which have been curated by top artists and exclusive labels.

Get Loopcloud

1.) Loopmasters - Hip Hop Progression

Loopmasters - HipHop Progression

Hip Hop Progression is an exclusive hip-hop sample pack from Loopmasters. It features essential UK and US influences to bring you an essential sample library of hip-hop samples, sound fx, and authentic inspirational loops for easy music production!

To be precise, you'll find huge folders of live and programmed drum loops, turntable fx & scratch loops, funky guitar samples,  human beatbox, live & synth basslines, hip hop keys, inspiring musical loops, hits, drum hits, percussion loops, strings, stabs and many more.

If you are creating a floor-shaking underground hip-hop track or even a soothing dark style, the hip-hop progression from Loopmasters is the right tool for the job.


  • 1100 Copyright free hip hop samples
  • 850 Acidised Wav files
  • 300 Rex2 Samples
  • 35 NNXT/Halion/Kontakt/EXS24 Patches.

Learn more and Get Hip Hop Progression

2.) Loopmasters - Hip Hop Instrumentals

Loopmasters - Hip Hop Instrumentals

This is a laid-back selection of replica vintage Breaks, Beats, Basses, and lush Musical Elements from the studio of London's Chemo.

Hip Hop instrumental is Influenced by Downtempo maestros including Bonobo, Kid Loco, and Nujabes, and the more Instrumental Hip Hop of DJ Krush, Pete Rock, and Wax Tailor - this consummate collection of construction kits are packed full of flavor and inspiration.

To be precise, it features 276 24Bit samples, with 172 lops between 84 - 126 Bpm, and 104 Shot Samples. Also included are 9 ready to play patches for Kontakt, Halion, EXS, SFZ, and Reason NNXT-compatible soft samplers.

In Chemo's words (the creator of the sample pack):

"I wanted to create a pack of drums, melodies and other textures with an organic feel. Suited perfectly for dusty, golden age Hip-Hop, but also for more experimental Trip-Hop / Downbeat production. I try to maintain an analog warmth and grit with my productions and anyone who, like me, is mesmerized by the crackle of a vinyl, should find this kit most satisfying!"


  • 24Bit Quality
  • Size:1GB
  • 10 Hip Hop Construction Kits
  • 10 Full Construction Kits
  • 18 Extra Bass Loops
  • 31 Extra Full Drum Loops
  • 21 Extra Music Loops
  • 74 Drum Hits
  • 30 SFX Hits
  • 174 Rex2 Files
  • 9 Soft Sampler Patches For Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt, and Sfz Formats.

Note: Apple Loops, Ableton Live Pack, and Reason Refill are Available Separately.

Learn more and Get Hip Hop Instrumentals

3.) Raw Skillz

Raw Skillz Hip Hop samples

Raw Skillz is inspired by both the 90's Classic Hip Hop beats and JazzedUp-Funk, all with the deep and raw soul-stained style that RawCutz sounds are well known for.

You'll find Mixing Crackling Vinyl Cutz, Chopped-Up Chords, MPC Kicks, Poppin’ Snares, Crunchy Hats and Percussion, Dubby Funkster Basses and Chops, Deep and Atmospheric FX, and loads of Boomin’ Breaks, and Hip Hop Loops.

Watch Video Demo:


  • 24 Bit Audio
  • Size: 3.46GB
  • 1100 samples
  • 300 Loops in wav and apple loops format
  • 800 One Shot Samples
  • 300 Rex2 files
  • 282 Kit Groups of 16 samples per Group, and 100 Projects for Maschine 2.5.0+
  • 50 Drum Racks, and 50 projects for Ableton Live 9+
  • 50 soft sampler Patches for EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, NNXT & SFZ

Learn more and Get Raw Skillz Hip Hop Samples

4.) Smokers Blend Volume 2

Smokers Blend Volume 2

Smokers Blend is a sample pack by Rv Samplepacks, it incorporates series of deeply potent hip-hop sounds taking you back to the early-90s golden era of the genre. If you are looking for something authentic, smooth, and a high-quality hip-hop sample, then I would highly recommend getting Smokers Blend.

You'll find over 1.3GB of content, loops, one-shots, and soft sampler patches dripping with expert production and live-sampled musicianship. Whether you are after a dreamy synth loop, rock steady scratched, effected vocals, or classic keys; with Rhodes, organs, B3 Styles, pianos, and Electric Organs - alongside traditional hip hop elements in the form of guitars, vibes, electric bass, clarinet, harp, and trumpets are all in this finetuned hip hop sample packs.


  • Size: 1.34 GB
  • 24Bit/44.1KHZ
  • 53 Keys Loops
  • 40 Live Bass Loops
  • 32 Full Drum Loops
  • 32 Kick Snare Loops
  • 31 Synth Loops
  • 29 Hat Loops
  • 26 Guitar Loops
  • 19 Instrument Loops
  • 16 Scratch Loops
  • 13 Perc Loops
  • 8 Synth Bass Loops
  • 3 Ride Loops
  • 88 Drum Hits
  • 22 Keys Hits
  • 18 Horn Hits
  • 17 Flute Phrases1
  • 5 Bass Runs
  • 15 Guitar Hits
  • 12 Bass Hits
  • 10 Fx
  • 302 Rex2 Files
  • 98 Soft Sampler Patches
  • and much more

Learn more and Get Smokers Blend Volume 2

5.) New York Rap Acapellas Vol 1

New York Rap Acapellas Vol 1

The New York Rap Acapellas sample is presented by Loopmasters and Monster Sounds. Monster Sounds compiles great vocalist Rap Acapella packs for the professional and the bedroom producer.

New York Rap Acapellas is a great collection of original vocal performances which can be used for all styles of Dance music, from Breaks, Dubstep, House and Drum and Bass.


  • 24Bit Quality
  • 779Mb
  • 302 Vocal Loops
  • 181 Vocal One Shots
  • 303 Rex 2 Files
  • 5 Soft Sampler Patches For Kontakt, Halion, Exs24,Nnxt and Sfz Formats

Learn more and Get New York Rap Acapellas Vol 1

6.) Hip Hop Horns

Hip Hop Horns

Push Button Bang presents a collection of big brass and sexy saxophone to light up your modern hip-hop, R&B, and urban chart music production.

It features staccato stabs, simple catchy chorus hooks, big power notes, winding improvised brass solos, and more to deliver the perfect Hip Hop Horns. The team behind the composition was inspired by contemporary hip hop and R&B sound, taking its cue from the brass hooks featured in productions from Jason Derulo, Kanye West, Jay- Z and Outkast.

All the sax loops are expertly recorded at 96bpm, in complimentary keys, and played with real passion and skill. As well as the saxophone content, also included is a huge range of hip-hop and abstract break stems: drums, melodies, FX parts, and long guitar accompaniment backing parts, perfect for creating live-sounding multi-instrument jams in seconds.


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • Size: 1.1GB
  • 300 Loops & Samples
  • 100 (b) Versions
  • 100 Horn Loops
  • 100 Tenor Versions
  • 100 Pitched Baritone Versions
  • 60 Horn Hits & Squeals
  • 140 Mixed Music Loops
  • 10 Guitar Accompaniment Stems
  • 60 Drum Loops
  • 20 FX Loops
  • 50 Mixed Instrument Loops

Learn more and Get Hip Hop Horns

7.) Ultimate Hip Hop

Ultimate Hip Hop

Created by the renowned Singomakers. It brings ultimate sampling techniques with a fresh blend of inspirational Hip Hop sounds and samples created using vintage techniques and equipment to bring you the authentic sound of the underground.

If you are looking for some Insane Scratches, Punchy Beats, Fat one-shots, Phat Bass lines, Modulated Sound Fx, and Mad Synths – then the Ultimate HipHop sample pack is the right fit for you!


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 550MB
  • 20 Bass Loops
  • 30 Drum Loops
  • 25 Melody Loops
  • 20 Sliced Loops
  • 70 Vinyl FX
  • 20 Crash Hits
  • 30 Hat Hits
  • 30 Kick Hits
  • 50 Snare Hits
  • 20 Stab Hits
  • 20 Bass MIDI Loops
  • 25 Melody MIDI Loops
  • 95 Rex2 Loops

Learn more and Get the Ultimate Hip Hop

8.) Organic Future Hip Hop

Organic Future Hip Hop

This one is from Loopmasters itself. Organic future hip-hop features a deep and soulful treasure-trove of Hip Hop samples. With a combination of live instruments and leftfield electronic processing - again, Chemo is the man behind this awesome brings original royalty-free content.

Organic Futures takes the contemporary sound of Trap & Hip Hop but scales back the more aggressive, synthetic elements in favor of more natural-sounding melodies. Entwining live instruments and leftfield electronic processing, Organic Future has a load of lush audio layers brimming with texture and life.

We all get inspiration from somewhere, Organic future hip-hop sample is inspired by the renowned OVO Production team (Drake), Mr. Carmack, and Kaytranada. Over 200 one-shots are included with the pack to complement the kits and allow you to refine your very own sound.


  • Size:1.02 GB
  • 24Bit/44.1KHZ
  • 29 Music Loops
  • 12 Perc Loops
  • 13 Hat Loops
  • 11 Bass Loops
  • 11 Kick Loops
  • 11 Full Drum Loops
  • 10 Fx Loops
  • 10 Snare Loops
  • 5 Vox Loops
  • 76 Music Hits
  • 58 Drum Hits
  • 38 Perc Hits
  • 28 Bass Hits
  • 17 Vocals
  • 14 Fx
  • 127 Rex
  • 2 Files
  • 65 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 11 Kong

Learn more and Get Organic Future Hip Hop

9.) Soulful Hip Hop

Soulful Hip Hop

Presented by Niche Audio! Soulful Hip Hop infuses Warm, deep, and brimming with brooding melodic elements from ethereal vocals to lush Rhodes chords and drones.

If you love creating soulful hip-hop beats, or want to start a track with a warm deep vibe - Soulful Hip Hop by Niche Audio got you covered.

You can tweak and change the samples, Fx, mix, and patterns as you see fit, or you can start working with the right sounds immediately, avoiding any moments of writer's block. Everything about a Niche genre pack is about keeping you in the creative zone.

Note: Soulful Hip Hop is a collection of kits designed for Ableton Live 9 and Maschine 2

Requirements and Contains:

Ableton Live 9.6+

  • 15 Starter Projects
  • 15 Drum Racks
  • 53 Instrument Racks
  • 36 Massive Presets
  • 207 24/44.1 Samples

Maschine 2.4+

  • 15 Groups
  • 15 Kits
  • 36 Massive Presets
  • 207 24/44.1 Samples

Learn more and Get Soulful Hip Hop

10.) Urban Technology

Urban Technology

The last Hip hop sample before we transition into the next genre is Urban Technology by Push Button Bang. Whether you are into Wonk, Trick hop, Electro, Breaks, House, Electronica, Drum and Bass, and all manner of hip-hop niches that draw inspiration from the best of today's modern music styles. Urban Technology is the right one for you!

A massive, jaw-dropping collection of 1800 unique Loops which tip the scales at just over 1.2GB before file conversions, and which includes over 1265 Breaks, Beats, and Rhythms,  along with 535 Music and Sound Loops suitable for interpreting into a huge range of styles and suitable for all modern music makers looking for something a little non-specific to inspire.


    • Over 1.2Gb
    • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1800 Wav Loops
  • 1800 Rex2 Files
  • BPM Range: 90-180

In The Pack:

Rhythmic Loops

  • 318 Punked Up Beats
  • 186 Fast Tempo Breaks
  • 171 Electro Noise Beats
  • 145 Mid-Tempo Breaks
  • 144 Fills and Builds
  • 126 Leftfield Beats
  • 112 Slower Breaks
  • 63 Metalic Breaks

Music Loops

  • 135 Sequenced Arpeggios
  • 86 Straight Synths
  • 66 Leftfield sounds
  • 61 Pre-Ducked
  • 45 Fast Tempo Parts
  • 37 Ambient (one shot)
  • 22 Atmospherics
  • 13 Delay FX

Learn more and Get Urban Technology

House Sample Packs

The below list contains [10] good house, Electro, Deep, Soulful, Funky, Fidget, Progressive, Disco, and many more related to House samples, find your preferred House sample packs, and stick to that, if you are not into House, jump to the next Genre or use the table of contents above to sort yourself...

11.) Essential House Drumworks

Essential House Drumworks

Loopmasters and one of the best music producers Andy Lee partnered in the creation of the Essential House DrumWorks.

It features a collection of well-recorded and produced single drum samples dedicated to house or progressive music producers who are looking to create their own beats from scratch using one of the finest and best sample packs.

Ideally, if you are into Minimal, Tech, Electro, Deep, Soulful, Funky, Fidget, Progressive, and Disco House, along with Techno and Trance – this is one of a large collection of hand-picked sounds that have been produced with the dancefloor firmly in mind.

Essential House DrumWorks isn't for all dance genres for sure, but if you need Heavy Club Kicks, Snappy Snares, Glitch Kits, Minimal Blips, and crispy Hats then Essential House Drumworks is for you, enjoy away.


  • 1692 House Drum Samples
  • 46 Claps
  • 66 Cymbals
  • 252 Hi Hats
  • 276 Kicks
  • 705 Percussion Samples
  • 62 Shakers
  • 255 Snares
  • 41 Ready to Play Drumkits

Note: There are no loops in this product - only single drum samples, demo tracks are the composition of single hits from the collection.

Learn more and Get Essential House Drumworks

12.) House Builds and Breakdowns

House Builds and Breakdowns

Push Button Bag on the one, this is more centric to House Builds and Breakdowns. If you are looking for an energetic build and sounds to get your crowds ready to push up in the air, then this one is superb.

There are a couple of samples in this pack actually, for example, the FX Based section includes Myriad drop FX and multiple layered, evolving crescendo FX, to use separately or combine together for a "wide-screen" sound, and on top of that, you'l find a plethora of melody and tonal components alongside noise variations to create depth and transition.

As if that were not enough (nothing is enough actually), you will also find 5 purpose-built breakdown kits, complete with MIDI parts, specifically designed for house crescendo formation.

The ranges of the loops are from 2 to 64 bars in length, with tempos at 126 and 128 BPM, you can also sync the samples to a different BPM if you know what you are doing.

All in all, this is recommended across all House music, so, build da track up!


  • 1.2 GB Of Content
  • 24BIT/44.1KHZ
  • 383 WAV Loops And Samples
  • 155 REX Files
  • 18 MIDI Files
  • 20 4-Bar Builds With 1- TO 4-Bar Outs
  • 20 8-Bar Builds With 1- To 4-Bar Outs
  • 10 16-bar Builds With 2- To 4-Bar Outs
  • 20 Big Hits And Cymbal Rolls
  • 20 Drop End FX Movements
  • 20 Drop Noise Exits
  • 15 Drop Momentums
  • 30 Hits & Rolls
  • 10 Rise-To-Falls
  • 30 Tonal Drops Rises And Wobbles
  • 40 Melody Loops
  • 10 Vox Loops
  • 5  Kick Loops
  • 25 Noise Gate And Chain Loops
  • 10 Noise Repeat Builders
  • 25 Rhythmic Build Loops
  • 25 Rhythm Repeaters

Learn more and Get House Builds and Breakdowns

13.) House Exposure

House Exposure

House Exposure incorporates electronic soul, which can be injected into any sort of house music. You get a huge collection of chomping drums, aggressive baselines and Top lead synth to harness and fasten your music production ability.

Going further, it also includes funky and soulful flavor loops, with layered Drums, smooth Basslines, melodic Synths and sub-atomic FX – delivering a new world of lush electronic House to your daw.

Ideally, if you are into House, Electronica, Soultronic, Breaks and more! If you’re into artists like Disclosure, London Grammar, Aluna George, Sam Smith, and Kygo – then House Exposure might be the right one.

The tempos come at 110-128BPM! So, you have a range of different tempos to play with.


  • 1.51 GB
  • 24Bit/44.1KHZ
  • 59 Synth Loops
  • 44 Bass Loops
  • 29 Kick Loops
  • 25 Full Drum Loops
  • 24 Hat Loops
  • 14 Top Loops
  • 13 Clap Loops
  • 13 Snare Loops
  • 10 Perc Loops
  • 7 Drum Fill Loops
  • 3 Drum Build Loops
  • 3 Fx Loops
  • 42 Drum Hits
  • 30 Fx
  • 17 Bass Hits
  • 17 Synth Hits
  • 8 Bass Multis
  • 5 Synth Multis
  • 274 Rex2 Files
  • 57 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 31 Midi Files

Learn more and Get House Exposure

14.) House & Nu Disco

House & Nu Disco

House and Disco are a different set of genre, but similar. When combined you can create a creative fusion of two genres of music that can take your style up the roof.
Going back in the days, Disco is the rage and some brilliant people thought of creating something unique, this is how the Four-on-the-floor (House music) originated.

Now, Loopmasters takes us back to the old-time by combining the best sounds and influences from the roots of all that is fat and funky. If you’re looking for an inspirational collection of House & Nu Disco then look no further.

This pack is recommended for producers into all genres of House, NU Disco, and Indie Dance. But really, this can be fused into any genre of electronic music, and that is if you know what you are doing.


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 890 Mb
  • 260 Drum One Shots
  • 60 Bass Lines
  • 30 Full Drum Loops
  • 30 Top Loops
  • 60 Melody Loops
  • 142 Midi Files
  • 180 Rex2 Files
  • 35 Sound Fx including Impacts, Up risers, Downshifters and Atmospherics
  • 5 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz formats

Learn more and Get House & Nu Disco

15.) Shadow House

Shadow House

Note: Shadow House is a collection of kits designed for Ableton Live 9 and Maschine 2

Shadow House is inspired by Melodic, Bass Driven and Classic House of Shadowchilds radio show on Londons Rinse FM, you'll find it labeled with inspiration from the current sound of the underground House movement.

All samples and patterns have been expertly programmed to instantly inspire you whatever music making mood your in. Each kit or project loads with an excellent choice of conceptual midi patterns allowing you to instantly evaluate the sounds in perfect context and start making great music.


  • Ableton Live 9+
  • 13 Starter Projects
  • 15 Drum Racks
  • 48 Simpler Presets
  • 240 24/44.1Khz Samples
  • Over 100 Patterns
  • Maschine 2
  • 10 Starter Projects
  • 15 Groups/Kits
  • 233 24/44.1 Samples
    Over 100 Patterns
    Wav Pack
    12 Bass Loops
    10 Chord Loops
    12 Clap Loops
    13 Drum Loops
    13 Drum Loops (No Kick)
    13 Hat Loops
    3 Instrument Loops
    5 Pad Loops
    7 Perc Loops
    4 Ride Loops
    6 Snare Loops
    11 Vocal Loops
    233 24/44.1 One Shots
    15 Soft Sampler Patches for EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, NNXT & SFZ

Learn more and Get Shadow House

16.) House Kicks

House Kicks

Kicks are one of the most important elements in music production, if you can find a good kick, then you are pretty much a pro, I recommend finding a good kick drum, and saving it into a special folder, this way you can reuse it in multiple occasion. House Kicks samples by RV would serve as a bassline for your journey into the kick world, the come repacked with a  fresh batch of precision-engineered Kick Drum samples designed exclusively to work in all House styles from Deep to Tech.

Each sample has been created using combinations of both analog and digital synthesis alongside sample layering to give producers fat, production-ready kicks with all the power and presence to pop right out of the mix.

If you are into any genre of house or dance music, then the RV Kick sample collection should be more than enough to elevate your music creation, kick and boom it!


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 23MB
  • 128 Kicks

Learn more and Get House Kicks

17.) Laidback House

Laidback House

Inspired by the Legend himself - LaidBack. Loopmasters dive into the mind of one the pioneer of house music to bring an inspiring collection of Chilled-Out, House samples, ready to drop straight into your DAW for classical house tracks.

Laidback House features over 1 GB of sounds and loops such as Rich Pads, Beautiful Melodic Rhodes and Keys Loops, Trippy Arpeggios, Tight Percussive Bass and Warm Subs together with Swung Percussive Beats and Liquid SFX all recorded at 120 BPM.


  • 1.33Gb
  • 24Bit quality
  • NI Maschine Ready One Shots
  • 20 Percussive Bass Loops
  • 73 Deep Basses
  • 85 Full Drum Loops
  • 85 Hat Loops
  • 85 No Kick Loops
  • 85 Snare Loops
  • 70 Music Loops
  • 65 Percussion Loops
  • 81 SFX Loops
  • 5 Bass Multi Samples
  • 157 Drum Hits
  • 8 Synth Multi samples
  • 649 Rex2 Files
  • 28 Soft Sampler patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz formats.
  • 272 One-Shot and Multi Samples
  • 28 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 93 Bass Wav Loops
  • 405 Drum and Percussion Wav Loops
  • 70 Wav Music Loops
  • 70 SFX Wav Loops

Learn more and Get Laidback House

18.) Modern Main Room Kicks

Modern Main Room Kicks

Need a well carved main room kicks? Search no further as Push Button Bang has already built a perfect solution for modern main room kicks. Whether you are creating modern main room house, techno, hardstyle, electro, you are well covered with over 100 kicks that are well-shaped, attack transients on the initial clicks, combined a huge variety of saturated tails from subtle to the extreme.

This would serve as a solid foundation of whatever you are building!


  • 24 Bit quality
  • 12MB
  • 180 Kick Drum Samples
  • 30 Code Style Kicks
  • 90 Dynamic Main Room Kicks
  • 30 Hardstyle Fx Layer Kicks
  • 30 "Stereo Mid Hi" Kicks

Learn more and Get Modern Main Room Kicks

19.) Pure House Drum Hits Collection

Pure House Drum Hits Collection

Zenhiser presents Pure House DrumHits sample packs, coming in at over 500 of finely tuned drum hits, including four house kick drum packs, four house hi-hat packs and four house snares & clap packs.


  • 16 Bit Quality (I recommend 24bit quality)
  • 520 Ready for Club House drum samples
  • 180 Hi-Hat wave
  • 180 Kick wave
  • 159 Snare and clap wavs

Learn more and Get Pure House Drum Hits Collection

20.) Live House Sax

Live House Sax

Spanish saxophonist, composer and producer Raul’s together with Organic Loops Presents an exciting collection of Royalty-Free House Saxophone Loops featuring over 1 GB of Live Horn jams recorded at 126BPM ready to cut, chop and drop into your House productions.

Live House Sax has been recorded and produced exclusively for Loopmasters by Raul Romo and features 150 Live Sax solo phrases with a further 150 effected versions of the same content which can be used for instant inspiration. The phrases can easily be stitched together or cut up, twisted and warped to fit into your House productions adding an extra special Organic element to your sound.


  • 1.24GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHz
  • 150 Dry Saxophone Loops
  • 150 Reverb Effected Versions

Learn more and Get Live House Sax

Pop Sample Packs

The below list contains 5 best pop sample packs...

21.) Pop Piano

Pop Piano

This is a drag and drop sample pop piano collection by Frontline Producer. So, if you are a music producer, this would serve as a foundation for what you are creating, and if you are a songwriter, you can use this collection to come up with powerful tunes.

Pop Piano is an incredible collection of modern song writing riffs performed by Mike Taylor and features iconic melodies, glorious progressions, dynamic arpeggios and more for your music – with 400 Loops in audio and MIDI form! Expect nothing but the best performance and soul, with all the nuances and overtones captured to perfection. All loops are key labelled and come in a variety of Major and Minor scales, at four distinctive tempos.

It includes MIDI files, which you and drag and drop in your DAW, or tweak to suit your style.


  • 2.85 GB
  • 24Bit/44.1KHZ
  • 100 90bpm Piano Loops
  • 100 100bpm Piano Loops
  • 100 110bpm Piano Loops
  • 100 120bpm Piano Loops
  • 438 Rex2 Files
  • 400 Midi Files

Learn more and Get Pop Piano

22.) Avenax - Vocal Acapellas

Avenax - Vocal Acapellas

Avenax and DABRO music presents - Avenax Vocal Acapella, which is a collection of melodic, soothing and sensual vocals from sweet-voiced Alyona Avenax.

About Avenax (The Singer behind the Acapella):

Avenax is a very talented singer and songwriter who writes and records songs within multiple genres over ten years. She’s known for her smooth seductive and gentle voice which cannot be confused with other singers. Avenax has worked with labels like Simplify Recordings, Spring Tube, Tiger records, and Black Hole Recordings.

Additionally, DABRO music gives you a bonus of 11 text lyric and 11 MIDI Chord Progressions for each track. Tempo ranges from 90-140BPM, ideally, you can use the Acapella if you are making Pop, House, Rock, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Trap, RnB, Grime, and any other genres of music.

Note: The vocal stems loops and one-shot and phrases within this collection can be used in your productions 100% royalty-free. You, however, must NOT reference the vocal performers' name or artist name in your productions or any promo material associated with the production without express permission.


  • 968 MB
  • 24Bit/44.1KHZ
  • 11 Full Song
  • 63 Vocal Stems
  • 48 Vocal Adlibs
  • 62 Vocal Phrases
  • Bonus:5 Vocal Demo Stems Wet
  • 11 MIDI Chords Progressions
  • 11 Song Lyric Sheets

Learn more and Get Avenax - Vocal Acapellas

23.) TD Audio – Vocal Pop

TD Audio – Vocal Pop

This is TD second audio vocal production pack, I am picking this because it contains good acapella, and is also inspired by modern pop music.

You get 5 amazing production kits to rework or use as is. Each Kit comes correct with everything you hear in the demo Track. Vocal Pop’s main feature is of course Vocals.

What I like is the fact that you get all the Drums, Fx and Music Elements that make up each Kit combined with the Midi Files and some key presets to re-create each Song Kit in new ways. on top of that, you get Midi Files and Presets to the synth elements, this way you can drag and drop in your preferred DAW.


  • 189 files total
  • 1.2 GB
  • 24-bit WAV quality
  • 5 construction kits (key and BPM labeled)
  • 56 stems:
  • 5 kick stems
  • 5 bass stems
  • 7 snare/snap stems
  • 4 Hi-hat/shaker/top stems
  • 5 percussion stems
  • 5 vox stems
  • 5 SFX stems
  • 3 guitar stems
  • 7 synth stems
  • 10 vocal stems (5 DRY,5 WET)
  • 86 loops:
  • 5 kick loops
  • 6 bass loops
  • 8 snare/snap loops
  • 5 hihat/shaker/top loops
  • 7 percussion loops
  • 5 vox loops
  • 7 SFX loops
  • 3 guitar loops
  • 8 synth loops
  • 32 vocal loops
  • 30 one-shot samples:
  • 5 bass shots
  • 7 synth shots
  • 2 vox shots
  • 16 drum shots
  • 12 MIDI files (synth, bass)
  • 5 VST presets:
  • 1 Sylenth1 presets
  • 2 Spire presets
  • 2 Serum presets

Learn more and Get TD Audio – Vocal Pop

24.) Studio Acoustics - Guitar Riffs N' Rhythms

Studio Acoustics - Guitar Riffs N' Rhythms

Studio Acoustic Guitars is a collection of well-recorded acoustic guitar loops and patches by Frontline Producer.

Frontline Producer took a selection of beautifully crafted guitars from Patrick James Eggle and Gibson, combined them with some massively talented players and locked them in our soundproof bunker for 7 days and nights ;)


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 566MB
  • 76 80BPM Guitar Loops
  • 56 100BPM Guitar Loops
  • 76 120BPM Guitar Loops
  • 67 130BPM Guitar Loops
  • 2 Multis (25 Samples)
  • 2 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, EXS24, SFZ, and Kontakt
  • 277 Rex2 Loops

Learn more and Get Studio Acoustics - Guitar Riffs N' Rhythms

25.) Percussion Hits N Hats

Percussion Hits N Hats

Anther one by Frontline Producer, studio percussion as been engineered from the ground up for music producer looking for pop percussions.

Use them individually or build the grooves as you want to hear them. If you're looking to lift your track then this pack is certainly for you. If your productions are looking for real feel to lift your tunes.


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 221Mb
  • 24 Bongo Loops 120BPM
  • 37 Conga Loops 120BPM
  • 14 Cowbell Loops 120BPM
  • 27 Djembe Loops 120BPM
  • 10 Kick Hat Loops 120BPM
  • 27 Shaker Loops 120BPM
  • 9 Timbale Loops 120BPM
  • 19 Bongo Loops 130BPM
  • 33 Conga Loops 130BPM
  • 12 Cowbell Loops 130BPM
  • 20 Djembe Loops 130BPM
  • 10 Kick Hat Loops 130BPM
  • 6 Rainstick Loops 130BPM
  • 34 Shaker Loops 130BPM
  • 16 Timbale Loops 130BPM
  • 4 Triangle Loops 130BPM
  • Learn more and Get Percussion Hits N Hats

Soul and RnB Sample Packs

The below list contains 5 best Soul and RnB sample packs...

26.) Smooth Keys

Smooth Keys

Frontline Producer is a goto choice if you are looking for soothing piano samples, and now they present a collection of overflowing chord patterns that you can use as a good foundation a soul and RnB type sounds.

Note: This pack contains only electric piano and piano samples.


  • 690 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 103 Electric Piano Loops
  • 3 Piano Loops
  • 106 Rex2 Files
  • 1 Electric Piano Multi
  • 1 Soft Sampler Patch
  • 50 Midi Files

Learn more and Get Smooth Keys

27.) Underground Soul Vocals

Underground Soul Vocals

Comin in at over 1 GB worth of unique vocals, Loopmasters present an exclusive collection of heartfelt female vocal phrases and loops. These timeless recordings will find a place in most genres of music, ideal for euphoric break downs, soul, RnB, downtempo, trip-hop, house, garage and more!

You will find, smooth soothing alluring melodies with gorgeous vibratos for more downtempo outings, right up to soulful, spellbinding and emotive hooks and phrases - perfect for those euphoric moments on the dancefloors.


  • 1.27 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 100 Clean Female Vocal Phrases
  • 170 Octave Fx Vocal Phrases
  • 116 Reverb Fx Vocal Phrases
  • 115 Distortion Fx Vocal Phrases
  • 115 Glitched Fx Vocal Phrases
  • 104 Echo Fx Vocal Phrases
  • 102 Filtered Distortion Fx Vocal Phrases
  • 100 Filter Fx Vocal Phrases
  • 55 Filter Glitch Fx Vocal Phrases
  • 54 Filter Reverb Fx Vocal Phrases

Learn more and Get Underground Soul Vocals

28.) Omar Vocals

Omar Vocals

From the legendary Omar himself with a massive chart-topping hit in the ’90s with There’s Nothing Like This, but that was only the beginning and since then he has gone from strength to strength. In collaboration with Sample Diggers, they can bring a unique signature sound and an unmissable vocal tone for you to use in your music production.

You will find clean and processed versions of the Samples and there are also produced loops at 120Bpm aimed at the Garage and House producers. There are also spoken word samples, ad-libs, One-Shots, short ideas and sound designed Vox FX that can be used in a variety of genres.

Note: The vocal samples are completely royalty-free but the use of Omar’s name in any production is forbidden without prior consent.


  • 430mb
  • 24Bit, 44.1Khz Samples
  • Tagged by BMP and Key
  • 80-120 Bpm
  • 366 Samples
  • 41 Ad-libs
  • 14 Short Ideas
  • 91 One-Shot Samples
  • 10 Produced Loops
  • 36 Spoken Samples
  • 16 Vox SFX Samples
  • 184 Studio processed samples

Learn more and Get Omar Vocals

29.) Future Funk & Soul 3

Future Funk & Soul 3

RV Sample packs are pleased to announce the return of Future Funk & Soul, with a third installment of seriously funky supplies that will keep you grooving nicely in the studio.

You'll find an excellent array of disco influences melding with urban funk to create something unique.  Funky synth basslines, razor-sharp beats, fat kicks, and swinging cymbals make up the rhythm section, whilst infectious instrumental samples such as funk guitars, glistening keys, and phat synths bring a new musicality, all providing great inspiration for your hit track.


  • 696 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 53 Percussion Loops
  • 30 Full Drum Loops
  • 30 Synth Loops
  • 24 Synth Bass Loops
  • 17 Kick Loops
  • 15 Electric Piano Loops
  • 12 Electric Bass Loops
  • 10 Hat/Cymbal Loops
  • 6 Top Loops
  • 5 Piano Loops
  • 40 Drum Hits
  • 21 Fx
  • 15 Bass Hits
  • 15 Synth Hits
  • 5 Bass Multis
  • 5 Synth Multis
  • 202 Rex2 Files
  • 45 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 60 Midi Files

Learn more and Get Future Funk & Soul 3

30.) Trap Soul Vocals

Trap Soul Vocals

Trap Soul Vocals by 91 vocals is a collection of hypnotic melodies, wavey textures and zoned out modern rap and RnB vocals. Whether you are looking for vocals for hooks, phrases, chops, and lo-fi layers, the Trap vocal bundle meets your expectations. Also, you'll find haunting ambient vox, heavily chopped and pitched phrases, clean vocal hooks treated gently with pop polish but then also hard with Trap autotune and reverb chambers.


  • 24bit Quality
  • 630 MB
  • 50 Vocal Hooks - Wet & Clean
  • 6 Vocal Ad Lib Loops
  • 24 Ambient Vocal Loops
  • 12 Vocal Chop Loops
  • 22 Clean Vocal Loops
  • 12 Vocal Cuts Loops
  • 9 Shouts & FX Loops
  • 10 Vocal Texture Loops
  • 25 Vocal Hooks FX Loops
  • 34 Clean Vocal Chop One Shots
  • 24 Wet Vocal Chop One Shots
  • 22 Shouts & FX One Shots
  • 15 Bonus Melodic Loops

Learn more and Get Trap Soul Vocals

Trance Sample Packs

The below list contains 5 best Trance sample packs...

31.) Trance Forms Vol 2 Drums and FX

Trance Forms Vol 2 Drums and FX

Trance Forms Vol 2 Drums and FX brings you a collection of punchy drum sounds, massive swirling FX and state of the art MIDI all creatively designed to supercharge your Trance and Progressive House productions to the next level.

Ideal for Big Room Trance, Psy, Progressive House or Minimal the flexibility of the MIDI set to the tempo of your choice combined the dynamic set of loops and samples will not disappoint.


  • 826Mb
  • 24Bit Quality
  • 190 Midi Files
  • 368 Acid Wav Loops
  • 390 Rex Files,
  • 103 FX Loops
  • 226 Single Drum Hits
  • 5 Drum Kits in NNXT, EXS24, Battery 2, Live 8 Drum Racks, Halion Kontakt 3 and SFZ formats.

Learn more and Get Trance Forms Vol 2 Drums and FX

32.) Trance Fragments

Trance Fragments

Trance Fragments is a polished collection of royalty-free trance loops and samples for producers and DJs worldwide.

Whether you seek building blocks to spice up your trance productions or the raw material to mix into your sets, this collection is bound to take your productions up a level. Ideal for trance, progressive, goa or psychedelic, this is a good sample pack for any trance or techno producer.


  • 554 MB total size
  • 92 Drum Loops
  • 107 Bass Loops
  • 60 Lead Loops
  • 20 SFX Loops
  • 24 SFX Hits
  • 7 NNXT Patches
  • 25 MIDI files
  • BPM Range: 130-140

Learn more and Get Trance Fragments

33.) Adam White - Trance Studio Tools

Adam White - Trance Studio Tools

In collaboration with Adam White of Perfecto Records and Loopmasters, this pack is full of well-recorded sounds, melodies, and effects that can help you build a good trance track from the ground up. You will also find loops and midi files.


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • Over 1Gb
  • 80 MIDI Files
  • 40 Bass Loops
  • 70 Drum Loops
  • 64 Music Loops
  • 5 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments
  • 20 Synth Hits
  • 22 Fx Shots
  • 3 Synth Multi Sampled Instruments
  • 135 Drum hits
  • 266 Rex 2 Files
  • 43 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, NNxt and Sfz formats

Learn more and Get Adam White - Trance Studio Tools

34.) John 00 Fleming Presents Variations in Trance

John 00 Fleming Presents Variations in Trance

John 00 Fleming is one of the few artists in dance music that has preserved underground respect whilst enjoying commercial success during a career spanning two decades.

Trance and Techno producers would enjoy these packs as it is filled with a great plethora of sounds, textures, and samples presented here which will, without doubt, form the basis for some future dance floor classics.


  • 1GB Size
  • 537 Samples
  • 270 Loops
  • 79 patches for EXS. Halion, Kontakt, EXS, SFZ
  • Ableton Live Pack, Reason Refill and Apple Loops versions are available
  • 76 Drumloops
  • 101 Synth and Pad Loops
  • 60 Bass Loops
  • 24 BASS Hits
  • 57 Individual Drum Samples
  • 73 FX and Atmos Hits
  • 38 Pads and String Hits
  • 107 Synth Hits

Learn more and Get John 00 Fleming Presents Variations in Trance

35.) Trance Drums

Trance Drums

Drums are the foundation across 99% of the music genre, it can either break your sound or make them awesome. Now, Trance Drums presents you a collection of drums, drum beats, kicks, hats, snares, claps, everything you need to either create amazing drum tracks. This sample pack is the pinnacle of trance drum sounds, it's crammed full of kicks that drive and pop, hi-hats that cut the frequencies in your mix perfectly, snares that slap hard and claps that snap.


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 265MB
  • 180 Drum Loops
  • 20 Kick Samples
  • 33 Hi-Hat Samples
  • 30 clap Samples
  • 17 Snare Samples

Learn more and Get Trance Drums

Rock Sample Packs

The below list contains 5 best Rock sample packs...

36.) Cinematic Indie Rock

Cinematic Indie Rock

Cinematic Indie Rock by Loopmaster is a prepared collection of live shoegaze Rock featuring real instruments including spaced out guitar riffs, thumping drums, driving bass combined with edgy synths for a cult movie soundtrack inspired by great bands such as Massive Attack, UNKLE, Enigma, Oasis, and Blur.

They are arranged into 10 inspiring song kits featuring Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keys and Synths performing together in an epic film score of live instrumental rock.


  • 1.2 Gb
  • 24 bit 44.1kHz
  • 10 Construction Kits
  • 84 Guitar loops
  • 54 Bass Loops
  • 94 Drum loops
  • 24 Piano loops
  • 59 Drum One-Shots
  • 26 Drum fills
  • 14 Pad loops
  • 10 Synth loops
  • 47 Guitar FX
  • 4 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 42 Drum Loop Rex2 Files.

Learn more and Get Cinematic Indie Rock

37.) Epic Metal Guitars

Epic Metal Guitars

If you are looking at adding edge to your tracks, you can go with Epic Metals Guitar which is filled with a deep driving distortion and melodies will reel in your listeners and give your tunes more body and strength.

The Metal Guitar is performed by guitarist Steve Down whose talents have been trusted live and in the studio by the likes of Joss Stone, KT Tunstall, Sandi Thom, the BBC, Neil Cowley, The British National Theatre and more!


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 224MB
  • 17 128BPM Guitar Loops in A minor
  • 15 140BPM Guitar Loops in A minor
  • 15 174BPM Guitar Loops in A minor
  • 15 128BPM Guitar Loops in F minor
  • 15 140BPM Guitar Loops in F minor
  • 15 174BPM Guitar Loops in F minor
  • All Loops key and tempo labeled

Learn more and Get Epic Metal Guitars

38.) Raw Power

Raw Power

If you are into rock, Indie, Metal, Blues, Goth, Hip Hop or more contemporary music with plenty of added grunge and realism, the Raw Powerpack by Loopmasters is a good addition your sample garage.

It features a six barrelled assault of blistering power and vitriol, from hard-edged beats to the squelchiest analog synths, the nastiest guitars and fuzziest basses to the growl of the B3 Style, Raw Power delivers a sonic avalanche of sound!


  • Over 1500 copyright free rock samples
  • 900 Wav files
  • 750 Rex2 Samples
  • 200 Single hits
  • 22 Patches
  • BPM Range: 120-145

Learn more and Get Raw Power

39.) Slide Guitar

Slide Guitar

Julian Piper and Organic Loop tie the nut by bringing you a  fine collection of iconic guitars riffs, which is recorded at the 24-Bit quality and 100% royalty-free.

Years of dedication have given him the chance to play with some of the greatest names in Blues. While many of Julians friends were emulating the Beatles, his teenage years were spent thrilling to the sounds of Sam 'Lightnin' Hopkins and Muddy Waters. He’s since played on two W.C. Handy Award winning albums, and has shared stages with Buddy Guy, Robert Cray And B.B. King! He writes for various publications including the Independent, the Guardian and MOJO magazine – and has appeared on BBC3’s 'Blues On The Bayou' series.


  • 246 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 124 Electric Guitar Loops
  • 39 Acoustic Guitar Loops
  • 163 Rex2 Files

Learn more and Get Slide Guitar

40.) Funk Rock Guitars

Funk Rock Guitars

Frontline Producer proudly presents Funk Rock - a brand new Royalty-Free collection of Funked-Up Guitar Riffs, Shreds and Licks encompassing the sound of bands like The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Saw Doctors and Rage Against The Machine.

If you are into House, Electro, Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, TV and film compositions or if you are looking to add a funk Rock feel to your mixes, Frontline Producers have given you as much flexibility as possible, with 1,2 and 4 bar loops in 4 different tempos.


  • 203Mb
  • 24Bit 44.1kHz
  • 90-124BPM
  • 218 Loops
  • Musical Keys of A, D, E and G Major
  • 218 Rex2 Loops.

Learn more and Get Funk Rock Guitars

Reggae Sample Packs

The below list contains 5 best Reggae sample packs...

41.) Dubmatix Presents Reggae Soundclash

Dubmatix Presents Reggae Soundclash

Wagwan guys!

Reggae Soundclash is a collection of Reggae vibes, suitable for producers looking to make new mashups, Dancehall, Dub, Dubstep and to use in Cinematic, Experimental and Ambient Works. If you are into any serious reggae type of music, this collection by Dubmatix would be the right fit, check it out.


  • 24Bit Quality
  • 1.58GB
  • 83 Bass Loops
  • 102 Drum Loops
  • 62 Guitar Loops
  • 29 Horn Loops
  • 42 Keys Loops
  • 9 Melodica loops
  • 52 Organ Loops
  • 28 Percussion Loops
  • 30 Piano Loops
  • 38 Synth Loops
  • 14 Organ Hits
  • 17 Drum Fills
  • 56 Drum One-Shots
  • 76 Fx Hits
  • 3 Piano Hits
  • 26 Guitar Hits
  • 5 Synth Hits
  • 58 Soft Sampler Patches For Kontakt, Halion, EXs24, Nnxt, and SFZ formats

Learn more and Get Dubmatix Presents Reggae Soundclash

42.) Dub & Reggae XL

Dub & Reggae XL

The next Reggae sample packs on our list are Dub and Reggae XL by Dubmatix in collaboration with Loopmasters. You will find seriously Heavyweight Dub and Reggae sample collection that will leave speaker stacks shaking from Menacing Sub Bass and Walls Rocking to the Roots Riddims.

Inspire from the likes of King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Errol Thompson to name but a few Dubmatix love of Roots music is deep and using his multi-talented musical skills, much of the content has been performed and recorded live by Dubmatix himself ensuring maximum authenticity and passion. Enjoy!


  • 1.63Gb of
  • 24Bit 44.1Khz
  • 32 Bass Loops
  • 73 Drum Loops
  • 24 Guitar Loops
  • 28 Horn Loops
  • 25 Keys Loops
  • 14 Melodica Loops
  • 31 Organ Loops
  • 53 Percussion Loops
  • 45 Synth Loops
  • 16 Drum Fills
  • 4 Guitar Multi Sampled Instruments
  • 10 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments
  • 55 SFX Shots
  • 77 Drum Hits
  • 359 Rex 2 Files
  • 30 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats

Learn more and Get Dub & Reggae XL

43.) Essentials 04 - Reggae and Dub

Essentials 04 - Reggae and Dub

This is a handpicked selection of the hottest loops and samples from our favorite Reggae and Dub sample packs released to date.

Including a superb collection of influential Reggae and Dub samples from Live Dubby samples, through to the latest Electronic Dub styles for the harder styles - "Essential Reggae And Dub" is a must-have collection for producers on a budget looking for a wide range of some of the best Reggae/Dub samples released to date.


  • 24Bit Quality
  • 328MB
  • 120 Loops
  • 80 One-Shot Samples
  • 29 Bass Loops
  • 27 Music Loops
  • 42 Drum Loops
  • 4 Vox Loops
  • 2 Bass Hits
  • 17 SFX Shots
  • 34 Drum Hits
  • 13 Instrument stabs
  • 5 Vox Hits
  • 6 Drum Fills

Learn more and Get Essentials 04 - Reggae and Dub

44.) Don Goliath - Reggae & Dub Acapellas Vol.5

Don Goliath - Reggae & Dub Acapellas Vol.5

If I am not feeling the vibe f the track I am producing, I love browsing through packs of Acapellas to aid me in the right direction, I may and may not end up using the acapella in the composition though! An example of acapella I have played with is the Reggae and Dub Acapellas by Don Goliath. Volume 5 is still the best I have tried and it features a collection of top Jamaican vocals by true Reggae and Dancehall masters with full song vocal stems ready to mix and drop into your productions.

Vol. 5 comes complete with full vocal stems of artists Jahrooti, ADX, Asante, Lion Tafari and Piracy (The first Female MC in the series) together with chorus sections and harmonies by Don Goliath himself. Recorded at 140 and 184BPM perfect for Reggae Dancehall, Dubstep, Urban or chopping up for Drum and Bass productions.

A little note behind the scene:

Don is a talented singer and producer working in the Dubstep scene with many releases to under his belt from 2007 to the current date and only one of a privileged few Dubstep producers who have had the opportunity to work with the top Jamaican artists. His Silky Vocals have been heard on many tracks and can be heard throughout the chorus sections of this sample collection.  To Date Don has worked with singers and Mc's such as Absorb, Rankin Joe, Chuck Fender, Junior Demus and Producers such as 6Blocc, Alien Pimp, Subversive amongst many others.


  • 602 MB
  • 24bit long vocal stems
  • 5 tracks
  • 22 Stems and 17 Shouts from Piracy
  • 21 Stems &13 Shouts from Jahrooti
  • 18 Stems & 26 Shouts from ADX
  • 23 Stems & 12 Shouts from Asante
  • 19 Stems & 18 Shouts from Lion Tafari

Learn more and Get Don Goliath - Reggae & Dub Acapellas Vol.5

45.) Irievibrations - Modern Roots Reggae

Irievibrations - Modern Roots Reggae

The last reggae sample pack on this list(I might add more if I find some good ones) is Modern Roots Reggae by Irievibration. This is a soulful collection of Dub infused sounds to spark up the sound system and light up the dancehall!

In case you aren't aware, Irievibration Records was founded in  2003 by the two brothers Syrix & Professa; now one of the top Reggae labels worldwide, with over 100 records released! Known for their liquid harmonies and unique character - their productions range from slower Roots riddims, via stomping Bashment to huge Dancehall sounds!

A note from Syrix & Professa:

We curated a sample pack for Loopmasters to give producers that classic  Irievibrations Trademark sound at their fingertips. From Live Drums, to skankin’ Guitar phrases to stunning roots Piano sounds – our sound is all here!


  • 1.59 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 50 Drum Fill Loops
  • 38 Keys Loops
  • 36 Percussion Loops
  • 26 Drum Loops
  • 20 Bass Loops
  • 11 Hat Loops
  • 10 Guitar Loops
  • 5 Brass Loops
  • 89 Drum Hits
  • 88 Dub Fx
  • 5 Bass Multis
  • 3 Piano Multis
  • 1 Synth Multi
  • 220 Rex2 Files
  • 28 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 10 Kong

Learn more and Get Irievibrations - Modern Roots Reggae

Drum and Bass Sample Packs

The below list contains 5 best Drum & Bass sample packs...

46.) Lenzman - Deep Soulful Drum & Bass

Lenzman - Deep Soulful Drum & Bass

Lenzman Deep Soulful Drum and Bass is a collection of deep and soulful Drum and Bass from a producer of extraordinary talent. Loopmasters are immensely proud to welcome Lenzman to their heralded artist series, and inspiration for your next hit single.

The pack includes dark, brooding basses, orchestral musical elements, crisp percussion, and sharp drum beats. Delivered as Loops, One Hit, and Sampler Patches – you’ll also find the perfect balance of material to deliver the essence of Drum and Bass with a soulful, orchestral core. Featuring strings, pads, and atmospheres fused with heavy Reese basslines and incisive percussion – Lenzman delivers an assured collection of truly Deep Soulful Drum and Bass to happen your sound asap.

A note from Lenzman:

What you have here is a collection of samples – pads, bass sounds, chords and breaks – that are solid building blocks for creating deep and soulful Drum & Bass. Made with my own productions in mind there are numerous hits & one shots that can be manipulated for your own purposes, but there are also numerous melodies that can be used as inspiration for your own productions. Enjoy


  • 838 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 65 Music Loops
  • 52 Drum Loops
  • 36 Bass Loops
  • 18 Perc Loops
  • 111 Drum Hits
  • 45 Bass HIts
  • 35 Synth Stabs
  • 31 Atmospheres
  • 183 Rex2 Files
  • 127 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 10 Kong

Learn more and Get Lenzman - Deep Soulful Drum & Bass

47.) Friction & Icicle - Shogun Audio Drum And Bass Vol. 1

Friction & Icicle - Shogun Audio Drum And Bass Vol. 1

Shogun Audio Drum and Bass is a collection of Drum and Bass samples from two of the leading lights of the current D&B scene, Friction & Icicle. This sample incorporates a vast collection of sounds and samples which are engineered solely with the dance floor in mind, and introduce a palette of inspirational beats, basses and musical loops which will no doubt feature in countless tunes in the coming weeks and months.

If you are into Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breaks or Electronica and are looking for a fearsome and intelligent selection of Cone Snarling Subs, Tech Synths, Progressive Basses, Crisp One Shot Drums, and Huge FX - this is a collection that you wouldn't want to miss.


  • 24Bit Quality
  • 813Mb
  • 35 Bass Loops
  • 40 Drum Loops
  • 8 Bonus Classic Drum Loops
  • 34 Synth Loops
  • 8 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments
  • 30 Bass One Shots
  • 58 SFX Hits
  • 63 Stab Hits
  • 12 Multi Sampled Synth Instruments
  • 277 Drum And Percussion Hits
  • 107 Rex2 Files
  • 71 Soft Sampler Patches For Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, NNXT, and SFZ Formats

Learn more and Get Friction & Icicle - Shogun Audio Drum And Bass Vol. 1

48.) Killer Acapellas

Killer Acapellas

If you are tired of using the same vocals in your library, or you want to add in something to make your tune stand out and take it to the next level, or perhaps you want to build a full vocal-based song from the ground up, not just have a repeated vocal loop all the way through? Then Killer Acapellas is a very good one, and I am highly recommending it, you can use the vocals as a foundation of your harmonies.

The pack is made up of 8 Full song ideas, compromising verse. chorus and in some cases the bridge parts of a song. Extra harmony parts have been added so it is possible to build more progressive layers. In some songs there are alternative takes sung in a different style for more options.


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1.37 GB
  • 167 Wet/Dry Vocal Stems from 8 Songs including Verse, Bridge, Chorus Sections

Learn more and Get Killer Acapellas

49.) June Miller - Dark Complex Drum & Bass

June Miller - Dark Complex Drum & Bass

A collection of copyright-free loops and samples. This inspirational sample pack traverses effortlessly from dark and nasty to intelligent with breathtaking cinematic backdrops that tie it all together.

If you are into Drum and Bass Hard and Dirty with dramatic emotional backdrops then June Miller is guaranteed to take your productions to the next level. Taking inspiration from Artists such as Breakage, Spirit, Photek, Ed Rush & Optical, Sabre, Burial and Shackleton the guys have produced one killer pack.


  • 24Bit Quality
  • Full Pack 803Mb
  • 30 Atmos Music Loops
  • 30 Bass Loops
  • 10 Drum Loop Construction Kits
  • 9 Top Loops
  • 15 Atmos Fx
  • 22 Bass Shots
  • 49 Drum Hits
  • 27 Rise FX
  • 25 SFX
  • 108 Rex2 Files
  • 34 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats

Learn more and Get June Miller - Dark Complex Drum & Bass

50.) Ray Keith Original Drum & Bass vol 1

Ray Keith Original Drum & Bass vol 1

Original Drum & Bass vol 1 features a huge collection of original inspiration from the Dread Recordings studio, featuring Tearing Breaks, Deep and Menacing subs, Rave Style FX and Haunting pads and melodies to inspire the darkest of breakbeats production elite.

If you are into the creation of Tech Step, Liquid, Hardcore, Breakbeat or Dubstep, this collection reflects the history and roots of the scene which Ray helped create and shape, and brings it full tilt into the future with some fantastic inspirational beats and bass lines destined for future dance floor killers.


  • 377Mb
  • 16Bit 44.1Khz
  • 313 Wavs
  • 149 Loops
  • 186 Hits
  • 37 Drum Loops
  • 45 Bass Loops
  • 46 Musical Loops
  • 39 Bass Hits
  • Fx and Vox Hits: 41
  • Drum Hits 60
  • Musical Hits 24
  • 65 Ready to play patches for Halion, Reason NNXT, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ Samplers
  • Apple Loops, Reason Refill, and Ableton Live versions also available.

Learn more and Get Ray Keith Original Drum & Bass vol 1

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