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Sylenth1: Review Of Sylenth1 Version 3.0

Sylenth is a powerful virtual analog VSTi Synthesizer plugin developed and own by LennarDigital. You can use Sylenth1 in your daw to create a wide variety of sounds From leads, evolving pads, organs, plucks, drum sounds, and any sounds you aim to achieve.

Sylenth has been used on many hit records, and it has been used by top Edm producers, i.e., Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Avicii, and Jay Hardway, among others.

It is an excellent synthesizer that as a friendly user interface. It's one of my favorite go-to software synthesizers for many projects.

What's new?

After a long time, LennarDigital decided to release the version 3.0 which includes Pro Tools AAX versions for macOS and Windows.

It comes with a new graphical UI, thou most of the knobs are still intact and the same, just a little bit different from the previous version.

The most exciting part of the new release is the new soundbank by a well-known artist containing 512 preset, which is pretty much massive.

It also included 407 presets by Thomas Grahl, Benjamin Insole, and Qindek.

I also love the fact that Sylenth1 version 3.0 is now supporting 64bits platforms, which would make the overall processing faster on a computer supporting 64bits version.

This version is profoundly good, and I love the new features included in this version, an update is free for Sylenth1 customers.

I urge you to quickly update your Sylenth1 to enjoy the significant benefits of this newly updated Synthesizer.

If you do not have Sylenth1, I recommend you to buy one from them, it is an excellent Synthesizer, and it can make your music sound professional.

Have a nice time!