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epicVerb (Free Digital Reverberation Simulator)

The epicVerb is a free reverb plugin by Variety of Sound, it was released around 2009, but that does not make it outdated, it is one of the best free reverb plugins out there! Well, you can try it out yourself since it is free, but before you do, let's learn some of its features:

It aims at both: Tight small room and ambiance effect simulation well suited to modern drum and vocal productions up to large “epic” halls as known from high-quality outboard gear.

The sound ranges from rather concrete or even edgy up to smooth transparent and artifact-free reverb tails. It is designed for maximum flexibility and usability and to take place as a true high-quality stereo main reverb.

Video SneakPeek

Tips & tricks

  • instead of using full reverberation try the AMBIENCE mode when smaller room impressions are needed – this offers just the early reflections and this is sometimes enough and better for a cleaner mix


  • 6 different stereo early reflection models
  • reverb tail modulation
  • EQ section
  • artifact-free reverb tails


  • A win32 compatible system with SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Tested and known to work in many VST compatible hosts.

Download epicVerb

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