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Best Recording Software For Windows & Mac OS - [2024]

The greatest challenge of music seekers is, should I record on my phone, should I go to the studio to record, which software is best for recording, where to download free recording software for windows, and so on. If you are the victim of these searches, search no more, I have aggregated the best recording software for the Windows platform.

Below is the list of the best free recording software and the best premium software you can download, install, and use to start creating good music right away.

Cubase (Trial + Premium)

Cubase Image https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/cubase.html Cubase Image

Cubase is one of the most trending and also popular digital audio workstations of our time, and it integrates pristine sound quality, complex background handling without interruption, and a unique range of advanced tools.

Cubase excels with creative tools and great features that allow you to compose, record, edit, mix, and also master your music without interruption. It offers even unique features that will enable users to upload and share projects to the cloud with the power of VST Transit, collaborate with fellow music producers across the globe, and also remotely record musical counterparts from afar by simply using VST Connect.

Get Cubase

Acoustica Mixcraft

mixcraft image Mixcraft Image

Mixcraft is the new generation good to go music recording software, driven by a new lightning fat audio engine. It features advanced audio and midi routing, live performance recording, track bus, sidechaining, and also unique features that integrate Melodyne pitch correction into its interface for flawless vocal performances.

Acoustica Mixcraft came with comprehensive support for VST3 plug-ins and also an MP4 video/player add-on, unusual features you won't find in almost any other Daws.

Get Mixcraft

Audacity (Free)

Audacity image Audacity Image

This list is incomplete without mentioning Audacity. Audacity is free recording software for Windows, Mac Os x, and Linux. Audacity comes with a feature you would expect: Multi-track audio editor, Ability to record a live audio file through a mixer or your microphone or any other digitize recording media, edit various audio formats: Wav, Aiff, Mp2, Mp3, Ogg and Flac.

Audacity is extensible with additional libraries which would allow a more supported format in Audacity. Also, a unique feature would enable users to develop there own plugin effects using Nyquist. Check out Audacity and see the impressive features yourself.

Get Audacity


GarageBand image GarageBand Image

GarageBand is a Digital Audio Workstation developed by Apple Inc for creating Multiple tracks with a pre-organized loop, an array of different instrument effects, voice recording, and pre-made midi keyboards. Do you ever worry about downloading sound packs after you have purchased a Daw software? Worry no more as Garageband has a completely inspiring and expandable sound library, which features electronic type music like Edm and Hip-Hop, feel free even to extend your sound library.

Are you worried about buying a guitar amps? Worry no more, Garageband got you in mind, it as an array of various guitar amps, stompboxes, and cabinet just for the style you want.

Tired of running wires to control your Daw from an external device? Worry no more user! GarageBand comes bundled with wireless control from your Ipad with the logic RemoteApp. Play any software instrument, shape, carve your sound with intelligent controls, and even a start, stop, and record as you do with your native keyboard. The downside of GarageBand is that it is the only available to Mac Os users.

Get GarageBand

WavePad Audio Editing Software (Freemium)

wavepad image Wavepad Image

Are you looking for lightweight recording software that can perform the pro function of recording software? Then this is the right choice, with Wavepad you can record your voice, add music, edit music and voice, and other miscellaneous features listed below.
Features of Wavepad include:
i) Audio editing tools which include cut, copy, paste, delete, noise reduction, pitch-shifting, and more you won't expect from this lightweight software
ii) Supports various audio format like mp3, wav, gsm, wm, AIFF, acc, m4a, and many more from this incredible software
iii) Audio sample rate from 6 to 192Khz, stereo or mono and a bit-depth of 8, 16, 24 or 32bits
iv) A unique feature that lets users scrub, search, and also bookmark audio for precise editing.

Worried about adding support for Direct X and Virtual Studio Technology DLL(V.S.T) plugins, which gives producer access to thousands of additional tools and effects.

Wavepad has a lot of great tools and features that you would love to try.

Get WavePad


Reaper image Reaper image

Reaper is a Digital Audio Workstation created for PC and MAC. With Reaper, you can import any audio file, MIDI file, samples, e.t.c. You can create a complete mixed and mastered track with Reaper by composing, arranging, editing, mixing, and mastering any audio projects file.

We make things hard for ourselves when we start learning new stuff, and you don't need all the big gears if you know you are just starting. A hardware audio interface and a microphone will give you the best quality recording studio with the help of Reaper. The best way to understand how and what Reaper is capable of doing is to use Reaper itself.

Reaper is one of the digital audio workstation (daw) software that will offer a single version. Whether you are a bedroom producer, home hobbyist, a high-end professional engineers/producer, you only have to pay once, and you have the chance to feel the all-in-one bundle featured of a reaper. It also offers a 60days free trial with no obligation. "You Reap what you sow."

Get Reaper

Ableton Live

AbletonLive image Ableton live image

Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation (daw) software that was developed for music composition, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering and as well as an instrument for live performance.
Live comes in three editions: 

Intro: which includes fair key features like a 16 audio and midi tracks, eight scenes, 2send, and return tracks, and so on

Standard Edition: as some pretty key features plus extras which include unlimited audio and midi tracks, unlimited scenes, 12 send and return tracks but does not have the max for live features for live performance.

Suite Edition: has everything you would expect: unlimited audio and midi tracks, unlimited scenes, 12 send and return tracks, max for live and so much more. If you are a producer or the type that does live performance, you might want to consider AbletonLive, developed for both Mac OS and PC.

Get Ableton Live

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Any suggestion on the recording software listed above? drop your messages below and let's have discussions on what you think about this list, don't forget to share this! Feel free to suggest recording software.