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Cyclone (Compressor) by SoundSpot (Plugin Review)

This is a remarkable compressor plugin from the team behind Firefly - SoundSpot.

One thing that I love about SoundSpot plugins is the simplicity they incorporate into their plugins, Cyclone is not only cheap but can be used across the board from mixing through mastering, while also adding a non-distinguishable character to the sound.

That said, let’s see some features of the king:

Clean Intuitive UI

Cyclone interface is built with simplicity in mind, the controls are laid out from left to right which is similar to the analog order most mix/mastering engineers would follow, this way you can speed your workflow.


The saturation in Cyclone is a type of Soft Clipping, soft-clipping avoids the harshness by avoiding clipping and gently transitioning between the clipped and the unclipped audio signal.

In Cyclone, the saturation is dependent on the threshold and ratio of the compressor, I guess you remember the threshold determines when to start compressing and the Ration controls the amount of compression that will be applied to an audio signal, this is exactly how it works when using the Saturation in Cyclone, the harder the threshold & the ratio Knobs are pushed, the more pronounced the saturation effect will be.

There are some cases where you don't need a saturation or soft-clipping effect, you can set the saturation parameters to Zero, and there will be no saturation applied.

Mid/Side Processing

The Mid is the mono, whenever you play a track through your stereo headphone, you are feeding each speaker identical sounds which results in the perception of one-channel sound in one sonic space between the speakers. Another way to think of the Mid is to think of the sound coming from the center.

The Side (Stereo) reproduces sound into two audio channels giving you a more natural two-dimensional sound distribution. Cyclone compressor would help in altering the mid/side information, adding a wider sound, and giving you great control to correct any wonky frequencies.

Note: The Mid/Side features can easily damaged an audio track, use it only when necessary, most of the time, it isn't needed.

Solo Channel

This helps in the monitoring of the left or right side channel while you are in the Stereo mode or even helps in monitoring the Mid/Side info individually when in Mid/Side mode.

Video Overview

►Key Features:

  • Saturation
  • Mid/Side Processing
  • Simple, Light, and Easy To Use UI
  • Solo Channel
  • Channel Linking

►System Requirements:

  • Mac ( OSX 10.7 and later [32 & 64-bit] ) | Windows ( 7 and later [32 & 64-bit]  )
  • AAX | AU | Vst | Vst 3
  • You Don't Want a Light and Super Simple Compressor Tool
  • You Prefer a Multi-Purpose Compressor or A Multiband Compressor
  • You Are Interested in An Expensive Compressor Plugin
  • You Want a Simple Compressor Plugin that Isn't Cpu Hungry and At the Same Time Has the Normal Compressor Tools (saturation, Mid/side Processing, and The Likes)
  • You Aren't a Fan of Multi-Purpose Compressors or You Don't Want a Multiband Compressor
  • You Are on A Budget
  • Then...

Get Cyclone by SoundSpot

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