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Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 - 12 Huge Plugin Plugin Deals

AudioPluginDeal Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals will commence this Friday at 12:00 am EST.

A new deal will be revealed every 6 hours until all 12 deals have been unlocked at 6 pm EST on Sunday.

In addition to this year's 12 epic deals, every item in the AudioPluginDeal shop will be offered at base price, unlocking discounts as high as 95% off!

Relax, I'll update the deals as it comes in every 6 hours, you can bookmark this page:

  1. [70% OFF] Drum Fury by Sample Logic
  2. [83% OFF] AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle
  3. [91% OFF] Aurora Choir By Aria Sounds
  4. [75% OFF] liftFX by Boom Library
  5. [83% OFF] Riffendium Total Bundle by Audiofier
  6. 83% Off Largo by Waldorf
  7. 57% Off Senfine by Wavelet Audio
  8. 90% Off Virtuoso Ensembles by Kirk Hunter Studios
  9. 80% Off Rhea Hosanny Legato Viola
  10. 90% Off Cyclone Retwisted by Sample Logic
  11. 87% Off LSS Solo Strings by Aria Sounds
  12. 50% Off Origin X by Artistry Audio