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Loopmaster Easter Egg Hunt [2020] - Ten 90% Off "Sample" Packs

Loopmaster Easter Egg Hunt 2020 has commenced on the 9th of April 2020 and ends on the 14th of April 2020.

The way it works is that you are required to find the hidden 10 Easter Eggs on Loopmasters with a clue of the title. The below 10 packs are currently on sale at 90% off. You will need to work out what they are with the clues, but I have worked them out for you, so, you'll know you've found one when you find an easter egg image on the product page.

Good luck, and hope you make something cool with the packs:


Landscape is an expansive and cinematic selection of futuristic sci-fi soundscapes with a heavily technical sonic palette that marries the organic with the synthetic. Look no further for immense, world-building audio delivered 100% royalty-free.

Get Landscapes at 90% off

"Hip Hop Lunar Cycles 2"

Hip Hop Lunar Cycles 2 is a sample pack with over 940 MB worth of content you need to create organic hip hop with and comes packed with wonky beats, warped melodies, and twisted percussion. It features 36 full drum loops, 30 altered guitar loops, 28 kick-snare loops, 27 hat loops, 27 synth bass loops, 20 guitar loops, 20 pad loops, 20 percussion loops, 12 synth loops, 8 FX loops, 6 instrument loops, and 3 electric bass loops, all recorded at 24Bit & 44.1khz

Get Hip Hop Lunar Cycles 2 at 90% off

"Halftime Drum & Bass"

A sample of over 2.5GB worth of content. Deep, subby bass rumbles and twisted, sci-fi tinted synth samples can be used to shape a unique soundscape, whilst punchy kicks and slapping snares can be used as anchors to support your sustained sounds. It features 52 bass loops, 51 synth loops, 42 percussion loops, 41 FX loops, 40 full drum loops, 38 pad loops, 27 top loops, 16 atmosphere loops, and 1 kick loop. One-shots are 74 FX, 61 drum hits, 54 bass hits, 36 synth hits, and 15 pads, all recorded at 24Bit & 44.1khz

Get Halftime Drum & Bass at 90% off

"Techno Retribution"

Techno Retribution comes with 2.47 GB of content including loops, one hits, and sampler patches to inspire a dancefloor feast of darkness. It features 102 Synth Loops, 98 Bass Loops, 58 Drum Loops, and 41 Percussion Loops. One-shots are 360 Drum Hits, 128 Fx, 52 Bass Hits, 42 Foley Hits, 26 Synth Fx, 26 Synth Hits, 10 Bass Multis and 10 Synth Multis, all recorded at 24Bit & 44.1khz

Get Techno Retribution at 90% off

"Hybrid Tech & House"

Hybrid Tech & House comes with a huge selection of content of over 1GB worth to play with. Booming kicks and snappy snares come as standard, with shuffling tops and percussion helping to solidify your groove. It features 54 synth loops, 51 bass loops, 39 full drum loops, 26 top drum loops, 21 percussion loops, 17 hat loops, 15 kick loops, 11 snare loops, 8 clap loops and 3 FX loops 72 drum hits. One-shots included are 57 synth hits, 52 FX, 49 bass hits, 8 synth multis, and 5 bass multis, all recorded at 24Bit & 44.1khz

Get Hybrid Tech & House at 90% off

"Smokers Blend 3"

Smokers Blend 3 features 1.45 GB of content with loops, one-shots and soft sampler patches dripping with expert production and live-sampled musicianship. With over 300 loops and 190 one-shots, this fine blend brings you every conceivable element a hip hop producer would need with big beats, dreamy synth loops, sax phrases and effected vocals.

Get Smokers Blend 3 at 90% off

"Wave & Trap"

You’ll find 984 MB worth of quintessential wave sonics, with snarling detuned saw basses and immensely reverberant synths generating a dreamy headspace on which to layer gorgeous, processed vocals and wicked FX. Punchy, trap-style kicks and snares bring anchorage to your arrangement, with hats included perfect for fills and trills.

Get Wave & Trap at 90% off

"Full Funk Bass 2"

Full Funk Bass 2 has a huge helping of excellent bass content in a host of formats. Loops within come in a whole host of keys and tempos, ensuring you’ll have the grooves you’ll need to nail your rhythm section. A mixture of major and minor keys is included, with inspiration coming from Bootsy Colllins, Victor Wooten, Flea and many more!

Get Funk Bass 2 at 90% off

"Chillwave Vocals"

Chillwave Vocals is a unique selection of blissed-out toplines and harmonies that are sure to bring an ethereal and dreamy vibe to your productions, perfect for injecting some humanism into your beats 100% royalty-free.

It features 155 MB 5 vocal tracks, broken down as 62 backing vocal loops, 57 lead vocal loops, and 56 chorus vocal loops.

Get Chillwave Vocals at 90% off

"Sunrise - Deep House & Electronica"

Sunrise Deep House & Electronica weighs in at 972 MB, with everything you’ll need to bring ambience and depth to your compositions included.

It features 75 bass loops, 60 synth chord loops, 45 drum loops, 42 synth loops, 33 percussion loops, 33 vocal loops, 8 pad loops, and 6 FX loops. There are 112 drum hits, 61 bass hits, 59 synth hits, 28 vocal phrases, 25 vocal hits, and 19 FX

Get Sunrise - Deep House & Electronica at 90% off

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