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How To Make A Wider Lead Sound

Hi folks, In this tutorial, I am going to be showing you a simple trick to make your sound pump up in both stereo and mono system, and that is widening up the sound. Without any further ado, let us get cracking.

First, Load an instance of your Daw (I'll be using Fl Studio 12 for this tutorial), then load your synthesizer and create any random melody. It does not have to be a melody. It can be drumkits, vocal and any sound you might think of, for this tutorial I'll be using a readily made melody I constructed myself using spire and this is how it sounds.

The next thing I'll do is to layer the sound, in my case, I'll layer a lead sound in addition to the previous sound with no low frequency and only high and mid frequency to give a warm tone to the previous sound, and this is how it sounds.

The sound is a little bit wide to me, and I'll love to tweak it to the last breath, go to your effect channels and load an instance of reverb, in my case I'll be using ValhallaVintageverb (It doesn't have to be ValhallaVintageverb, you can use any reverb of your choice).

Valhalla image Valhalla vintage verb

Using a reverb is like placing an instrument in an acoustic space or as an enhancement to liven up a sound and make it stand out in a mix (In one sentence, it won't make the sound too dry).

Note: I added room(small ambience where the tales are not so obvious) size
This is how it sounds with the reverb

The last thing I'll do is use a free plugin by Voxengo called MSED, MSED analyses your stereo sound or let's say it is going to split the audio sound into two modes (Mid & Side).

Voxengo Msed Image Voxengo Msed

Then it allows you to manipulate the middle part of the sound or the side, meaning it allows you to only turn up the middle gain, side gain, middle pan and side pan, it doesn't cut or boost frequency, it only works with the gain in the middle frequency and side frequency. In my case, I turned up the Mid gain to about 5.0 and the side gain to about 4.0 or 3.5.

Manipulating Msed for better widening sound image Manipulating Voxengo Msed for better Wider stereo sound

Feel free to check out the plugin, and it's free and a great tool to make a sound wider in both stereophonic and monophonic state.

Note: If your sound clips, compensate the volume by reducing it a little .

It has been said in the past that pictures are worth a thousand words, in my case, I have a video tutorial for this below, maybe videos are worth a trillion-word Lol. Don't forget to like and subscribe, show some love if it worth it.

Thanks and I'll see you some other time


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