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VoxDoubler by Sonnox (Review)

I recently wrote a review about MUnison, which is a doubler by MeldaProduction. VoxDoubler also does the exact same thing, but with a twist, we will be getting into that shortly.

In this review guide, you would learn…

  • The Features of VoxDoubler by Sonnox
  • If it is worth using at all
  • Prices
  • and more, let’s get started…

Do you remember I said VoxDoubler those it's stuff with a twist! Yh, let’s see how it works:

It comes bundled with two separate plug-ins that focus on the two most common vocal doubling workflows, one is the widen, and the other is thicken.

The widen generates two new mono voices and pans them to the left and right of the original vocal, these are some scenarios that the widening is best for:

  • Widening a mono performance, ranging from subtle enhancement to a stack of hard-panned voices
  • Manually processing the new doubled voices separately, then mixing them back in parallel with the original, is the same technique I suggested in PitchProof.

The Thicken generates a new stereo-doubled voice and overlaps it with the original vocal, these are some scenarios that the widening is best for:

  • Mono performance, emulating the effect of singing the same part twice
  • Stereo group of voices by doubling each voice

Vocal doubling can really add stunning drama to your song if used properly, but in some cases where you might not have the vocalist around or you only have a single stack of vocal recordings, and you badly need a doubling, I would highly recommend using this plugin, it does the job naturally.

Key Features

  • Generate believable double and triple vocal tracks to create width, depth, or add thickness
  • Humanize the section to adjust the Timing and Pitch of the doubles relative to the original vocal
  • Depth control to push the new doubled voices deeper into the mix
  • Tone control to prevent sibilant doubles from becoming distracting, or to brighten those that are too muddy
  • Track/Aux mode allows you to apply the effect in place or, for more advanced control, mix it in parallel on an aux return
  • A more cost-effective alternative, both in terms of initial outlay and speed of use, than more complex and manual processes
  • Engineered for vocals, but try it on instruments too!
  • Hallmark Sonnox audio precision, transparency, and reliability

Video SneakPeek

VoxDoubler Pricing

It is currently priced at $44.50 $89.00 at the time of writing this review! this is for a limited time only, so, you might wanna hurry up if you don’t want to miss the offer.

Is VoxDoubler Worth Using?

If you are reading this review, then you might have gotten the idea of what a doubling is, but the question is if it is worth using at all, here are the scenarios in which VoxDoubler can be really useful:

You want believable and natural-sounding doubles but don’t have access to your vocalist, or the time required to:

  • You are working on a track, and for some reason, you realize that you need double, but you do not have access to your vocalist, then, in this case, VoxDoubler would do it naturally and smoothly.
  • You want to record extra takes in order to comp double
  • You are working on too many projects that require doubling, but you do not have the time required
  • You want to transfer a lead take into an external editor, make copies of it and then manipulate the pitch and timing of them
  • Spicing up a chorus or key lyric connects with a listener

Also, you can use VoxDoubler to try something creative with your vocal, for example, try replacing your chorus plugin with VoxDoubler for more natural doubling without unnatural artifacts that can often occur with chorus plug-ins

System Requirements

The new Toolbox range offers 2 activations for each product license you buy.

Providing you have an iLok account, each activation will allow you to authorize your Plug-In on one of these devices:

  • Machine
  • iLok device, iLok2 / iLok3 required with latest drivers
  • iLok Cloud. An active internet connection required

Pro Tools:

  • Pro Tools 10.3.8 and above – AAX Native
  • Approved Pro Tools CPU, OS, and hardware configuration

Audio Units:

  • Audio Units compatible application (Logic, Digital Performer, etc.)
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later

VST2 / VST3:

  • VST2 or VST3 compatible applications (Cubase, Fl Studio, Nuendo, Sequoia, etc.)
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Windows 7 or later

Supported Hosts:

  • Compatible with any desktop application that supports Audio Unit (AU), VST2, or VST3 Plug-Ins.
  • Also supports Pro Tools AAX Native Plug-In format

Get VoxDoubler by Sonnox

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