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87% OFF LSS SOLO STRINGS (Kontakt String Library)

Here we go again:

ARIA SOUNDS has announced 87% off of their Kontakt string library, the price was originally $307, and now it goes for $39.99 for 2 weeks!


Oh, what is it about the library?

LSS SOLO STRINGS is an amazing 16GB string library that consists of meticulously sampled solo violin, viola, cello, and double brass instruments.

As you probably know that the location or room a sampled instrument is recorded can affect the quality and originality. ARIA SOUNDS did something different, the string library was sampled in a large beautiful concert hall, with many microphones, making up four main, mixable mic perspectives, close mono, close pair, mid-room, and far room.

The difference in perspective is huge, which means you can create sounds ranging from a very dry and up-close sound to a singing, naturally reverberated distant violin – as well as many degrees between the two.

Also, you'll find three legato modes sampled (slurred, bowed, and portamento). These are easily switchable during use via key switches. On top of that, you get useful features that are rarely available in other string libraries, which is the ability to change bow on the same note. To implement this, you simply hold the note you want to change bow on and press the low G key switch.

Video Walkthrough



  • 16 GB of Content
  • The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required to run this software.
  • Three true legato modes
  • Four mic positions
  • Includes portamento
  • Staccato (24 variations per note)
  • Soft and hard release modes
  • Trills

System Requirements

  • Requires Full Version of Kontakt

The intro prices ($39.99) ends on May 17th, 2020, which then goes back to the original price $307, hurry up and get the string library if you are interested in good string libraries.


I rest my case ;)

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