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[Arabic Strings] by (Aviram Dayan Production) Release

Aviram Dayan Production releases Arabic Strings, which is a large collection of eastern samples that are perfect for situations when you need that genuine eastern, and warm flavor in your compositions.

It is currently offered for only $39.99 (instead of $259), which is $219 in savings!

Get Aviram Arabic Strings

In detail, it comprises of over 9800 sounds at 1.4GB, you’ll find the collections of:

  • Classical Violin
  • Baroque Violin
  • Baroque Stringed
  • Bass violin
  • Cello Rock
  • Stroh Violin
  • Modern Violin
  • String instruments
  • Electric Violin
  • Fiddle, and
  • Yamaha Korg.

Key Features:

  • 1.4GB download size / 800MB installed size
  • 9800+ sounds included
  • Velocity control in all groups
  • Reverb and delay controls
  • Attack and Release settings for all groups
  • Portamento and legato
  • Micro tuning
  • Articulation control in the high octave ranges and better automation programming for Staccato and Legato groups.

Listen To Demo

Aviram Dayan Production 🎹 · Aviram Arabic Strings v1.5

Video SneakPeek


Get Aviram Arabic Strings


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