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Quarantine Musician Lifehack: How to Practice at Home More Efficiently

This is a guest post by Chad Smith from simplydrum.com

There was a time when DJing was known as a careful selection of records for the set
and hours spent on proper mixing. Compare this with digital music-making today. Now, thanks to a charged laptop, you can switch between playing your set, playing a favorite game, and checking your inbox.

In terms of quarantine, practicing at home gives you hundreds of options on how to spend the time allotted for rehearsal. Check out the fresh tracks? Download the latest bootleg while playing a game? To avoid wasting your time, check out these tips for musicians on quarantine.

Develop a habit

Yes, this level of convenience, communication, and social presence give you unprecedented opportunities in terms of creativity and promotion. The other side is defocusing and too much distraction. Since modern devices can process a large number of various tasks, we fall into the trap of multitasking and pay attention to many things as well as insignificant processes.

The only way to deal with this while practicing is to turn off all devices and concentrate on one task consciously. Arm yourself with the best audio interface for recording drums and other sounds, so your mind will develop a habit. Create a dedicated and specially equipped place for playing music, where you can practice regularly.

As soon as you get everything you need and create a special place, you will reach this place automatically. But if the area for a part-time practice turns out to be a desktop, a kitchen counter or empty boxes, the brain will not connect this place with the creative process but will recall the original purpose.

Organize your gadgets

How to turn your computer into a focused tool for making music? The easiest way is to turn off alerts for all incoming messages, close the browser, and see how the laptop turns into a low-tasking, but a handy machine. An even more practical solution may be the specification of your devices for specific tasks.

For example, use the laptop for DJing and making music. It means that there should be no films, unnecessary music or games, but the necessary software only. Of course, quarantine doesn’t mean that you have to work all the time. Use a tablet or your smartphone for watching favorite Netflix shows or playing games.

Learn to balance

Remember, you don’t have to spend all your free time making music or practicing
guitar. If you have the desire, you can find a balance between work and leisure
easily. Weekdays are best for work, and weekends are for cleaning the house and
other household routines.

However, when you’re at home all the time, it won’t work like that. Try to plan all your
affairs and routines during weekdays. It is better to spend half an hour cleaning after
a working day than to spend a weekend on it. Leave Saturday and Sunday for more
enjoyable activities so that you can start the working week in a good mood with a
high level of motivation.

What do you think?

We hope you liked our simple tips. If you tried any of them, or have your solutions for
better music practicing, feel free to share them in the comment section!