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TDR SlickEQ M by Tokyo Dawn Labs (Plugin Review)

I recently wrote a review guide on TDR SlickEQ, and here we have another version or another edition. TDR SlickEQ M is the Mastering Edition that extends the former edition, this edition is geared towards audio mastering engineers.

It is a fully developed stereophonic equalizer that doesn't compromise the musical flexibility nor the audio fidelity of your mixes, well, if used as intended, it can make your mastering sound better.

It features a set of musical high-pass and low-pass filters including a low-frequency “monoization” section that offers detailed control over the signal bandwidth. Six powerful parametric filter bands give precise access overtone, timbre, and stereo image, and a sophisticated meta-filter offers direct and intuitive access to the brightness, hardness, or equal loudness curve of an audio signal.

What I love about this plugin is the way the EQ filters are wired, The EQ bands, in particular, include an elaborate nonlinearity inspired by the musically beneficial side effects found in inductor filter technology.

That's not all, it is designed with an Auto gain mechanism in mind, using this feature ensures your gain is always compensated automatically while operating the EQ.

Lastly, semi-intelligent signal analysis options allow matching the input signal’s spectrum against a pink noise reference or automatically setting the HP and LP filters according to the signal’s audible bandwidth.

As with SlickEQ Standard and SlickEQ – Gentleman’s Edition, a multi-rate processing scheme (a.k.a. “internal resampling”) combined with elaborate signal processing techniques ensures the highest signal integrity is maintained throughout the processing.

►Key Features:

  • Intuitive user interface with a focus on musical flexibility
  • State-of-the-art audio processing algorithms in a parallel EQ structure
  • Six full parametric EQ bands offer spectral control over stereo width and balance
  • Advanced filter nonlinearities inspired by inductor EQ technology
  • Powerful HP and LP filters. Each with four distinctly musical slopes
  • Dedicated Low-frequency mono filter
  • A Meta Filter with direct control over brightness, hardness, or equal loudness contours
  • Smart actions allow matching the input against pink-noise distribution or custom references, and more
  • Highly effective loudness compensated auto gain control
  • Expandable EQ display including a real-time spectrum analyzer
  • Comprehensive documentation, a toolbar with undo/redo, A/B, advanced preset management, and much more

►System Requirements:


  • Win XP SP2 or above
  • VST (32-bit / 64-bit)
  • AAX (64-bit only)


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or above
  • VST, AU, AAX (64-bit only)

Get TDR SlickEQ M