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Vst Plugins: 3 Steps to add Vst Instruments/effects Into Fl Studio 12

You got or downloaded Vst's from a third-party company, and don't know the steps to import them in Fl Studio? This is the right path for you, keep reading.

In this guide, I am going to show you how to add a Vst plugin that is not part of the content or stock Vst's that comes loaded with Fl Studio 12.

Fl Studio uses a format for these sounds called Vst or Virtual Studio Instrument. That means if you are purchasing or downloading a Vst plugin, you need to make sure you are being provided Vst formatted instruments.

Create A Custom Vst Folder

Let's quickly get to adding Vst instrument in Fl Studio

1) Before importing Vsts, there are few things to do;

i) Create a custom Vst folder On your desktop(you can create it anywhere if you know what you are doing, if you don't know, then follow me along).


Vst's Own Installer

ii) Run the Vsts own installer, it should be included with your package e.g kontakt.exe, Spire.msi, when running Vsts own installer you should be asked to select the install location during the process. Select the folder you created.



iii)For plugins without installer, copy the files including the .dll(e.g Guitar mik.dll) file to the folder you created.


Note i) If you downloaded a Vst plugin that requires extraction (e.g Nexus.rar that contains only .dll), just extract them to the custom folder and make sure they are in .dll, if it is not in .dll, open the folder that came along with the file and you should see .dll extension in the folder.

ii) If you downloaded a Vst plugin with own installer that requires extraction (e.g Nexus.rar that contains an EXE format), extract the file > run the installer and when asked to select the install location, select the folder you created.



Download 7zip extractor if you don't have one, it is completely free.

Point Your Custom Folder Location Into Fl Studio

2) The next stage is to point your custom folder location into Fl Studio plugins folder.

Open Fl Studio 12, move your mouse or your pointer cursor to the left menu, select "Options"


> Select File("File is located at the Options header")


> Find plugins (it is below backup), select the directory where your Vst plugins are located(choose the custom folder you created) and click on "OK", it will automatically scan the plugins in the folder you created,  you will see the newly installed Vst in your plugin database with a yellow color.

FL CAPTURE 9 click on the place the red cursor is pointing you

FL CAPTURE 10 choose the custom location you created

Adding Newly Installed Vst To The Database

3) The last step is to add our newly installed Vst to the database, Fl Studio has two option for storing your Vsts, either you are installing an Effect for your mixer track (i.e Wave compressor) or Instrument(Called Generator) i.e Piano classic, Nexus, etc.

FL CAPTURE 11 arrow pointing the new vst

Drag the newly Vst you imported, which is highlighted in yellow color to the step sequencer

FL CAPTURE 12 drag the new vst to the channel rack

Goto the plugin database at the left menu > select generator, open the folder which suite the Vst, I am installing a synth and I will be selecting the synth classic folder.


Open the Vst > select plugin option > select add to plugin database and select ok, your plugin will automatically pop up in the synth classic folder.



Note: The same steps are the way you'll install your effect, use the mixer track instead of using the channel rack for effect, Goto the plugin database at the left menu > select effect instead of generator, open the folder which suite the Vst, Open the Vst in your mixer track > select plugin option > select add to plugin database and select ok, your plugin will automatically pop up in the preferred folder of the effects database.



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