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FL STUDIO BASIC: 6 Easy Steps To Make A Simple Drum Pattern (Part 1)

6 Easy Steps To Make A Simple Drum Pattern

Note: If you don't want to read this article, scroll to the bottom for the video tutorial.

In this post, you will learn how to make a simple drum pattern, you will learn how to import your samples (audio samples you downloaded), using channel racks and how to make the overall pattern in Fl Studio.

I have seen a lot of people struggling in making drum patterns in Fl Studio.

The first thing you need is to get your Fl Studio ready, open your Daw and drink a coffee, you are about to make an awesome drum pattern :)

1. Audio Samples

You need high-quality samples to make a piece of professional music, samples like kick, hi-hats, snare, clap and more.

You may get redundancy and low-quality music, if you are using free samples, free samples are not well prepared.

check this post for high-quality audio samples

Are you set with that? if yes, then let's begin.

2. Opening Fl Studio

Open Up Fl studio, this should be listed in your program files, if you cannot find it, simply use the search box to find the term "Fl Studio", am currently using Windows, this is how I find my program:

fl studio capture 1 image

Or click here and find it with the search term "fl"

fl studio capture 2 image

Note: I will be using Fl studio default samples for this part and I will be using high-quality ones in the second part of this article.

3. Fl Studio Channel Rack

Once the fl studio session is open, you should see your channel racks, your channel racks come with four default audio samples which are Kick, Hats, Claps, and Snare :

channel rack 1 image

4. Filling The Samples (I)

The simple way to start is to fill each desired audio sample you prefer, right-click on your desired audio sample to fill e.g

channel rack 2 image

I have chosen to use fill every 4 steps, so it looks like this:

channel rack 3 image

Use the spacebar button to listen to your sound or click this icon:

channel rack 4 image

This is what my audio look like :

It is getting more interesting, let's move on.

5. Filling The Samples (II)

Let's start filling the other audio samples, remember to right-click to fill or you can just do it manually by clicking this:

channel rack 5 image

This is what the audio looks like:

6. Manipulate The Samples

I have filled all my channel racks, you don't have to do the same, try manipulating things until you get what you like.

channel rack 6 image

This is what my audio looks like, it doesn't have to be the same.


Have a nice day, part 2 of this tutorial is loading.......