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(Get 80% OFF) Atmosia 2 by Channel Robot

Channel Robot announced 80% OFF Atmosia 2. If you don't what Atmosia does, then it is a 4 voice Atmospheric/Cinematic instrument ideal for film, TV, advertising, and video game production as well as ambient and similar genres.

Atmosia 2 features over 580 sound sources from Atmosia 1, Electria 1, Mechia 1, and Firewalker as well as over 200 all-new presets.

Originally $75, Atomsia 2 will be available for just $14.99 (80% Off) from today until October 5th, 2020

Get Atmosia 2 by Channel Robot

It features an all-new A|B voice control – flip between Voice A and Voice B to compare your changes, or load entirely different presets into each slot and morph between them to get new sound output.

Video Overview


►Key Features

  • A|B voice control – flip between Voice A and Voice B to compare your changes, or load entirely different presets into each slot and morph between them to get new sound output.
  • New Sound Browser – a category based sound selector that uses tagging to quickly narrow your search to the best sound sources for your needs.
  • Improved our randomization system so there are now independent randomization options for Voices, Modelling, and Drones allowing you to tailor your sound design to your needs.
  • Full control for each voice over envelopes, filters, vibrato, tremolo, pitch position, and bend range.
  • Includes the innovative physical modeling engine from A1 but extends it further, with fully independent processing per voice
  • All new per-voice Drone engine, allowing you to configure static drones or drones that move with midi input.
  • Each voice has its own in-line effects, multi-mode filter, waveshaper, and delay as well as a per-voice implementation of our unique Field effect – a convolution effect with over 50 custom-designed IRs, and depth modulation and control.
  • A set of instrument level effects too for Chorus, Phaser, Reverb, Delay, and Limiter.
  • A per-voice arp system so you can run arps for each voice separately(or not at all) with independent DAW-synced tempo controls, step count, octave range, step velocity, and note length.

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