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Three Ways To Create A Modulating Delay

We keep learning new things every day, new technology keeps arising, and we have to learn new effect, numerous ideas or follow the trend to meet up to our need.

Can't we learn everything at once, I bet you can't. You don't have to be a master of everything, learning is feasible, and you do not need to be a master of everything. You only need to focus on the activity you enjoy the most.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you an effective way of creating a modulating delay, without any further ado, let's get cracking.

What is a delay?

Delay is a sound effect which records an input signal or audio source to a medium, and then relay back or plays it again after a period of time, the processing is done very fast and the delayed signal may be played back multiple of times as set by the user to create a repeating or decaying echo sound.

We have different types of delay, and I won't be covering that here since this is a follow-up guide.

What is Modulating Delay?

Modulation in music is rise and fall of a pitch or frequency, and it can either be a modulation via volume or a modulation via frequency to create a vibrato effect.

Modulation delay in the other hand is base on the principles of flanger and chorus effect, and we are not covering any principle in this tutor, let's dive into creating a modulation delay

Creating a Modulating delay.

I will be showing you guys three methods of creating a modulating delay.

1) Using Fruity Delay 2 By Fl studio

2) Using Gtr Stomp 2 Vibrolo by waves and

3) Using Mondomod Waves.

This is the demo melody I will be using for this project, and this is how it sounds :

Using Fruity Delay 2

Lunch Fl Studio, add Fruity Delay 2 to the mixer track you assigned the newly created melody or whatever sound source you are using. In fruity delay 2, Turn the dry volume knob to 0(zero) and the time knob to 1(one) or more if you can handle the situation lol!.
This is how it sounds:

Let's finalise the modulating effect by automating the Input, in this case, and I'll automate the pan knob, this is how the automation goes:

fruity delay image Modulation with fruity delay

and this is how it sounds

Using Gtr Stomp 2 Vibrolo by waves

This is my best method, and you can create all sort of weird modulation, create motion in your tracks, also automate and tweak it to fit your genre or music.

Open an instance of gtr stomp 2, click the bottom arrow (in white), select vibrolo, and it should sound like a vibrato effect:

Use the vibe knob to control the Frequency Modulation depth, the reason why I love vibrolo is that you can control the waveform, I'll leave it as default, and this is how it sound:

Vibrolo plugin by waves

Using Mondomod By Waves

Mondomod is three modulation effect in one plugin, mondomod is the best I have seen when creating motion in a track. It includes Amplitude Modulation (tremolo), Frequency Modulation (vibra-to) and Rotating (panning) effects for creating entirely new modulated sounds.

Mondomod Interface

Load an instance of Mondomod, it automatically generates modulation for the sound source, to add a volume modulation, you use the tremolo section or select a different waveform from the drop-down section, for this I'll be selecting the saw down, and this is how it sound:

Mondomod sawdown.wav
For the panning section, I'll set it to 360, for 3d depth sound, and this is how it sounds

Mondomod Panning

Lastly, you can experiment with the Fm section to create a vibrato effect. We've covered a lot of method in this tutor, and I hope this helps you with music creation, Good luck creating good music.

Team Horlaes