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Best Emotional Song Ever

According To Chamber:

Emotion is when someone shows the tendency of feeling excitement, fear or sorrow, associated with physical symptoms

What it Really means:

Point 1: Do you feel any emotional looking at the letter and word of this page or do you feel happy, sad or roused looking at a still word on billboards? No, because it does not portrait any visual feeling for you, try this, Try listening to a song that has a lyrics or a Music Video that has lyrics, you would notice the lyrics are passing a Visual Images to your brain.

Point 2: When you see a beautiful lady working along the street, wouldn't you want to gaze at her for some moment, why, because she is beautiful right but does this apply to every human, A big No, but it applies to almost 95% of the human.

Point 3: Do you feel emotional when someone speaks a language you don't understand? No, because it doesn't make any sense to you and sometimes you might laugh with the way that person speaks.

This is when Emotional Music comes in when you listen to an emotional music; you remember potent memories and visually see what the message the song is passing when both happy and sad, why so? This is just the way it works, if you listen to high tempo music, you might feel happy and when you listen to low-tempo music, you feel sad depending on the situation on ground, challenges, depression and so on.

Research Shows

There are over 7, 000 spoken languages in the world and still counting. But there is a language that everyone understands, no matter the culture, country or spoken words, everyone understands it, I guess you know it's music.

We might not understand the lyrics or the language spoken in certain music but we all share the same intention and emotion when we hear the music.

In this video, I created a "Sad emotional music video" which features a Stroh violin, Nylon guitar and also a piano rolling in, never said you would cry when listening to this music, but depending on your current situation and the physical connection you have with it, you might and sorry I won't be there to sympathise and pet you, Lol

Also, you can download this music, if you love it, and do not forget to share and comment on how you feel about the track, Thanks and goodbye