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That Thing By [BeatSkillz] ✪ Plugin Review

In this review guide, you would learn…

  • The Features of That Thing By BeatSkillz
  • If it is worth using at all
  • Prices
  • and more, let’s get started…

"That Thing" is a Multi-FX Processor that features 50 samples of old vinyl players, tape machines, old radios, tube gear, atmospheres, ambiance, and much more.

What I love about this plugin is the simplicity, and how easily you could come up with beautiful effects such as a beautiful wide and deep chorus section great to thicken anything from synths, vocals, bass, pads drums, and other sounds.

Another great thing is that the soundscape generator features samples of old vinyl players, tape machines, old radios, tube gear, atmospheres, ambiances, etc, if you are really into it, you can add your own!

Video SneakPeek

More SneakPeak

Is That Thing Worth Using?

Yes, I believe you would find this multi-fx processor useful, and the good thing is that it does multiple stuff at once, nevertheless, here is who I think would benefit most from That Thing by BeatSkillz:

  • If you are interested in Multi-Fx plugins, what is cool about a multi-fx plugin is that it can combine multiple effects, for example, That Thing features Chorus FX, Filters, Bit Crusher, and more
  • If you enjoy using a simple Soundscape Generator, or you want to implement yours

That Thing by BeatSkillz is not recommended if:

  • You are not interested in a multi-fx plugin, I sometimes prefer using a tool developed for a certain fx, but really, this would depend on the workload, and projects
  • If you already have something similar in your toolbox, then there isn't a tangible reason you need to waste any more penny, of course, you might decide to use this as an additional plugin if you love how it sounds.


As of the time of writing this review, That Thing by BeatSkillz is reasonably priced at $19.00.

Key Features

  • Chorus FX: Analog Modelled Chorus for wide, thick, and rich sounds
  • Soundscape Generator: Use our preset samples of Vinyl, Tape, Tube, and Nature, or sample your own and use them!
  • Filters HP/LP: Analog Modelled Low-Cut and High-Cut Filters provide further sound shaping
  • Bit Crusher: Emulate Vintage Drum Machines and Samplers with the bit-crush feature, to induce more grit into the sound
  • Now includes 'Dark Atmo' texture bank

System Requirements


  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 or later (Catalina not supported)
  • VST / AU / AAX (32-bit or 64-bit host)
  • Intel i3 or later  / AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
  • 2 GB RAM / 300 MB HD Required
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768


  • Windows 10
  • VST / AAX (32-bit or 64-bit host)
  • Intel i3 or later  / AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
  • 2 GB RAM / 300 MB HD
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768

Get That Thing By BeatSkillz

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