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ErsDrums by ERS (Free Voice Drum Kit)

ErsDrums is a free 10 voice drum kit by ERS. All sounds are calculated in real-time, no samples are used.


  • 2 Kicks.
  • 2 Snares.
  • 2 Blips.
  • 1 Clap.
  • 1 Clave.
  • 1 Hihat (Open/Closed).
  • 1 Crash.
  • Individual output channels for each drums sound.
  • Key Mode.
  • Individually selectable midi channel for each drum.
  • Midi automation and midi learn.

System Requirements:

  • Win

Download ErsDrums

Author link was: http://www.bostreammail.net/ers/vstplugins.html (Dead)


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