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Free for Limited Time: Indiginus Copernicus Kontakt Library

I call on all the lovers of orchestral libraries ;) Indiginus has announced that it's Copernicus interactive sample library for Kontakt is free for a limited time.

According to Indiginus:

Just load Copernicus and start playing. You will hear a symphonic sound derived from our Solid State Symphony. On-screen, you will begin a journey starting at Earth and continuing on through the Solar System and beyond.

If you lift all your fingers from the keys, the next slide will appear when you play again. If you hold keys down (not lifting all fingers from the keys) the movie will continue as you play.

If you love incorporating slow, or thematic playing, then you can grab Copernicus, has it is designed for slow, thematic playing.

Some features of Copernicus are:

  • You can use the movie feature with any library by setting Copernicus to the same MIDI channel.
  • Turn off the onboard ORCH and SYNTH button, or use them to layer with other orchestral libraries. We think you’ll be amazed at the effect.
  • Turn off the RUN button to use the onboard sounds without the movie.

Video WalkThrough:


Please note that Copernicus requires a full version of Native Instrument Kontakt version 5.8.1 or higher. Within the free Kontakt Player, it will run in demo mode. For more free Kontakt instruments, head over to our Kontakt library category here.

This is a free limited time offer, so, you need to act fast.


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