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FireFly (Compressor) by SoundSpot (Plugin Review)

Firefly is a simple compressor tool by Soundspot, and it is not only the cheapest of all in this list but also a super low-on CPU load plugin; plug, play, and no hassle.

The main focus of Firefly is the control of an audio transient and stereo image.

Upcoming producers get the notion of compressor wrong most times, not every audio needs compression!

The transient helps to determine if compression is useful or not. If there are lots of random peaks, and you would love to tailor or unify the audio signal, then by using Firefly Compressor, you would be able to optimize and enhance your track's transients.

Another great feature of this super simple compressor is the support of a sidechain filter for compressing tracks, say you want to create a ducking effect or you want a Kick presence in a Drop (Chorus).

In addition to the aforementioned features,  FireFly gives you a flexible and intuitive way of compressing whole bus tracks or even a master channel.

Video Overview

►Key Features:

  • Intuitive, Light, and Easy to Use Interface
  • Designed to Work Easily with Touch Controllers E.G Raven by Slate Media
  • Detection Stage High Pass Sidechain-Filter and Stereo Imager
  • Pre-Compression Transient Shaper
  • Non-Linear Coloration Filter for Warmth
  • Preset Manager to Save & Share Your Own Effects
  • Low CPU

System Requirements:

  • Mac ( OSX 10.7 and later [32 & 64-bit] ) | Windows ( 7 and later [32 & 64-bit]  )
  • AAX | AU | Vst | Vst 2/3
  • You don't want a light and super simple compressor tool
  • You prefer a multi-purpose compressor or a multiband compressor
  • You are interested in an expensive compressor plugin
  • You want a simple compressor plugin that isn't CPU hungry and at the same time you want a good one that works fine
  • You aren't a fan of multi-purpose compressors or you don't want a multiband compressor
  • You are on a Budget
  • Then...

Get FireFly

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