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Get [85%] WG2 MKII Studio Grand Piano by SAMPLETEKK

Sampletekk is offering 85% off their WG2 MKII Studio Grand Piano Kontakt library, Originally $199, this library will be available for just $24.99 until September 13th, 2020.

Get WG2 MKII Studio Grand Piano by SAMPLETEKK

As a bonus, if you add this product cart, you can get the Sampletekk Essentials Bundle at a whopping 90% Off.

WG2 MkII Studio Grand Piano library is based on the magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concert hall for the true concert grand experience.

Three different microphone perspectives, Close, Ambient, and Medium Ambiance that you can mix together. Incredible 48 samples/note puts this instrument in a class of its own.

►Key Features:

  • 16 velocity levels
  • More than 2900 samples
  • TimeVel Release Technology ™
  • Sympathetic Resonance
  • Real Pedaling
  • Controllable volume for key/pedal noise
  • Two different mixable microphone perspectives
  • Controllable volume for Sympathetic Resonance and Resonance
  • 24 bit 44.1 stereo samples

System Requirements:

  • Kontakt 4, (full version, it will open in the free player, but in a time-limited/session mode)

Get WG2 MKII Studio Grand Piano by SAMPLETEKK