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[Get 80% OFF] Shaprio 2 by Channel Robot

Shapiro 2 offers a different approach to sound-generation, using oscillators in matched pairs and allowing you to modulate the output in a range of different ways.

Originally $75, Shapiro 2 will be available for just $14.99 from today until Nov 25th, 2020

►Key Features:

  • Eight oscillators in matched pairs
  • Extensive independent modulation systems
  • FM shaper per voice
  • A “classic” Wave Shaper per voice,
  • One-of-a-kind Field processor pre voice that uses impulse responses in a convolution engine to move the timbre of the output.
  • Dedicated multi-mode filter section per voice
  • Comprehensive effects section,
  • Unique legato system derived from our work on orchestral ROMplers.
  • Modulators include Envelopes, User-drawn LFOs, variable-step and tempo Gates, Sample & Hold, Keyboard, and Velocity.
  • A per-voice Arpeggiator (so 4 arps) to allow you to build interesting and unique melodic content.
  • Extensive CC control management and is MPE enabled. It includes per-voice pitch-bend and per-voice keyboard splits.
  • Randomization and morphing system – randomize any number of voices, morph between two different “slots” (and include or exclude any voice in this process) and include or exclude a voice in preset loading.

Video Overview

Audio Demo

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