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FL STUDIO BASIC: How To Make A Simple Drum Pattern (Part 2)

FL STUDIO BASIC: How To Make A Simple Drum Pattern (Part 2)

If you haven't read How To Make A Simple Drum Pattern (Part 1) > Part 1

In our previous tutorial, we learned about making simple drum pattern with Fl Studio stock samples.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to import high-quality samples you downloaded to make even a brighter and groovy drum pattern, and it doesn't have to be the same samples am using. It's just a matter of personal preference which you choose.

Tip: A high-quality sample will make your track sound professional.

check this post for high-quality audio samples

Are you set with that? If yes, then let's begin.

1. Open Up Fl studio

This should be listed in your program files, if you cannot find it, just use the search box to find the term "Fl Studio," am currently using Windows, this is how I find my program:

fl studio capture 1 image

Or click here and find it with the search term "fl."

fl studio capture 3

2. Channel Rack

Once the fl studio session is open, you should see your channel racks, and your channel racks come with four default audio samples which are Kick, Hats, Claps, and Snare :

channel rack 1 image

3. Removing The Default Audio Samples

I am going to remove all the default audio samples, double-click on one of the green highlighted vertical line to select all the audio samples at once. Use alt + del to delete all selected samples

This was how it was before:

fl studio capture 1 IMAGE2


fl studio capture 2 IMAGE 2

All samples will be deleted if you've clicked OK or ENTER from your keyboard

It's getting more interesting :)

4.Importing custom audio samples

After successfully deleting the default samples, we can now import our custom audio samples.

Move your mouse to the left section and select the audio wave icon :

fl studio capture 4 IMAGE 2

your screen should now be like this :

fl studio capture 5 IMAGE 2

The next thing to do is to find the downloaded audio samples. I have my own located in my download folder:

fl studio capture 6 IMAGE 2

Drag and drop your folder into the fl studio audio section :

fl studio capture 7 IMAGE 2

Fl will automatically add your folder to the section

fl studio capture 8 IMAGE 2

After you have successfully imported your sound, you can start adding it to your channel rack; there are two good ways to add your sample to the channel rack;

1) By right-clicking on your audio sample and selecting either open in the new channel,
2) open in a new sampler channel and secondly is by dragging it underneath the sample channel.

fl studio capture 9 IMAGE 2

fl studio capture 10 IMAGE 2

fl studio capture 11 IMAGE 2

You now know how to import your downloaded audio samples and how to drag your sample into the channel rack.

5. Making the drum patterns

You learned how to arrange the patterns in the previous article.
How to make a simple drum pattern

you can now arrange the patterns to your preference.

This how I arranged mine:

fl studio capture 12 image

and this is how it sounds:

If you are confused in any way or the other, don't hesitate to drop your comments