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Fl Studio: Using The Mixer Menu In Fl Studio 12

I will be guiding you on how to use the mixer menu in Fl Studio, you shouldn't be surprise of what the mixer will contain, from the word mix.

The mixer contains Volume, panning, controls, stereo separation, mono switch, loading mixing effects and more.

Using the mixer menu1

Using The Mixer Menu

Lets quickly get to the mixer menu and view what it can do.
First of all, open Fl Studio and you can launch the mixer, either by pressing F9 on your keyboard or by using the mixer icon as shown below.

Using the mixer menu2

I have loaded an instance of a piano chord in the playlist window and in the channel rack.

Using the mixer menu3

The next step is to link the pattern to the mixer.
Select the channel button in the channel rack as I have done below.

Using the mixer menu4

Routing To The Mixer

Goto the mixer by pressing F9 or by selecting the mixer icon.
As you can see, all the mixer are empty, select an empty one and press Ctrl + L on your keyboard or Right-click on an empty insert and then scroll down to "Channel Routing", and click on "Route selected channel to this track"


If you have done that successfully, then it means that the sound is linked to the mixer and we can then manipulate whatever changes we need to make to it.

The Mixer Appearance

If you don't know the appearance of how the mixer looks, you can change it to Compact, Compact2, Wide, and also, the option Large and Extra Large, depending on what you prefer.

Using the mixer menu5

You can now see how it changed "Wide"

Using the mixer menu6

Adding Effects To The Mixer

There are two ways you can add plugin effects to Fl Studio, either by using the browser or by doing it directly from the mixer menu, let's see how the two menu works.

Firstly, Open up the plugin database as I have done below.

Using the mixer menu7

Click on your Installed option, then click on Effects, and then choose from a variety Fruity effects, such as Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Eq and so much more.

Using the mixer menu8

I will be using Fruity Delay 2 for this tutorial.
Go back to the mixer with F9, I selected the Fruity Delay 2, click, and drag that, and drop it over into my new piano link sample. Dropping that, and then pressing the play button to play that back will then play Delay with the piano sample.

Using the mixer menu9

Note: All the added effect will be shown in the effect slots on the right-hand side.

Using the mixer menu10

To move the effect up and down, use the mouse wheel and whilst over the particular effect as done in the image below.

Using the mixer menu11

Secondly, Click on the slot you have routed to the mixer, move to the right-hand effect slot, click on any slot and you should see a range of all Fl Studio effects, select anyone you which to use depending on your project.



You can add more effects to the effect slot if you wish and note that you can't add more than 10 effects to one mixer insert.
Go ahead and experiment this to even get more insight of the mixer menu.

Happy mixing!

Team Horlaes.

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