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How To Create Sweeps In Fl Studio 12

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create sweepers with 3xosc and automation in Fl Studio.

The 3xosc

If you have been using Fl Studio for so long, you would notice the 3xosc, it has been around for a long time in Fl Studio.

The 3xosc is a simple synthesizer that can be used to create leads, basslines, plucks and pads.

creating sweepers1 3xosc vst

One of the great ways I have used this plugin is to quickly create a white noise sweepers.

Using 3xosc & Filter For Creating Sweeps

All we have to do to create sweepers in 3xosc is using the great feature known as automation and filtering out some frequencies to really get the shape, I will be using the Fruity free filter for this.

creating sweepers2 Fl's Fruity Free Filter

Automating and using Fl mixer is entirely a new topic I will be covering in much details in another article.

Let's quickly get to it.

I have loaded the chord I created and I also loaded an instance of 3xosc. To load 3xosc, click on the + button and scroll down to synth classic section, select 3xosc and you should be up and running with that.

creating sweepers3 click the plus icon

creating sweepers4 Go to synth classic and select 3xosc

This is what we are trying to achieve:

Working On 3xosc

Open up 3xosc and change all the 3 oscillators to the white noise waveform as I have done below.

creating sweepers5 click all the white noise waveform

Read This Article and get the insight of sound designing.

Linking 3xosc To The Mixer

The next step is linking 3xosc to the mixer so we would be able to use the filter to automate the frequencies.

Select the channel button in the channel rack as I have done below.

creating sweepers6 you would notice a green highlight if you click that

Goto the mixer by pressing F9 or by selecting the mixer icon.

creating sweepers7 press that icon to go to the mixer window

As you can see, all the mixer are empty, select an empty one and press Ctrl + L on your keyboard or Right-click on an empty insert and then scroll down to "Channel Routing", and click on "Route selected channel to this track"

creating sweepers8 make sure you are on an insert before using Ctrl+L


creating sweepers9

Creating Sweeps

If your channel has been routed successfully to the mixer then the next step is creating a new pattern, I will name my new pattern sweeper.

Note: To create a pattern goto the pattern menu and right-click, scroll down and select rename/color or just simply press F2 on your keyboard.

Have you created your sweeper pattern? If yes then, it is time to create a note the sweeper will follow.

Goto the 3xosc piano roll, create a midi note anywhere on the keyboard depending on the length you want.

creating sweepers10 Go to the piano roll

creating sweepers11 lay down a single long note, it might even be short if you want a short sweep

If the note is not long enough, then left-click and drag on the note in order to change the length you prefer.

The next stage is arranging the pattern in the playlist window, goto to the playlist with F5, and make sure the sweeper pattern is selected as I have done below.

creating sweepers12 make sure the sweeper pattern is selected, if it is not selected, you won't be able to draw it in the playlist window

Use the paint tool to draw in your sweeper pattern into the playlist.

creating sweepers13 select on the draw or paint tool

You should hear a bunch of white noise, depending on what you are doing.

Automating Frequency Cut-Off

The next step is automating the frequencies with the Fruity free filter, open up the plugin database as I have done below.

creating sweepers14 open the plugin database

The next step is to find the Fruity filter.

Click on your Installed option, then click on Effects, and then click on VST, and find the button that says Fruity Free Filter.

creating sweepers15

Go back to the mixer with F9, click and drag into the 3xosc insert will then lunch the Fruity Free Filter.

creating sweepers16 hold on to left-click on the fruity free filter, and then drag into the 3xosc mixer

The only thing we want to automate is the frequency cut off points, play the pattern in the playlist and left-clicking and dragging the frequency cut off would change how the 3xosc sweeps from one point to another.

In order to automate the frequency cut off, simply right-click on the knob and then click on "Create Automation Clip".

creating sweepers17

This will automatically create an automation clip which you can edit on how it works.

Tip: Watch the video below to get the full details on how to use this effect.

Go back to the playlist window and you should be able to see the automation clip.

creating sweepers18

Final Part

Follow the image below to get how to finish the process

creating sweepers19 the curve will determine how the sweeper rises or otherwise

creating sweepers20 you can see it is now curved, it will rise and go back down

Watch video


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